MTT-S IMS 2010: Post-show Coverage
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June 3, 2010

MTT-S IMS 2010: Making Waves in California

Much of the success of the IMS is the yearly draw of engineers to the industry's premier technical content. The volunteers of the technical program committee did a fantastic job of selecting which papers make the cut. As a result this year's IMS delivered and the preliminary attendance results showed a 7 percent increase over last year.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

Radiall licenses Molex as a second source for SMP-MAX board-to-board RF coax connectors. Radiall SMP-MAX series offers the most cost-effective large misalignment tolerance in the industry, making it simpler and more reliable to make connections even in blind-mate applications.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

MTT-S Product Showcase: Radiall/Molex
Radiall SMP-MAX board-to-board RF coax connectors are now available at Radiall or Molex. SMP-MAX features a patented impedance-matching insulator that is optimized for a larger operating gap between connectors, making it capable of handling a maximum board-to-board tilt (radial travel) of 3 degrees, and up to 0.078" (2 mm) of distance (axial) misalignment without a spring, which is 300 percent more than the standard SMP.
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Agilent Technologies: U2000 Series USB Power Sensors
Agilent U2000 Series USB-based power sensors, except for U2004A, now come with internal triggering and trace display capability. Internal triggering enables triggering based on the burst signal envelope so no external signal triggering is needed.
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MTT-S Product Showcase: Crystek Corp.
Crystek has introduced the CCK40 Series Cable Assembly, a new addition to their line of Low-Loss RF coaxial cable assemblies. Designed to operate up to 40 GHz, the CCK40 features rugged stainless-steel solder-clamp construction and heavy duty strain reliefs. This low-loss cable provides an attenuation value of 0.90 dB per foot at 40 GHz.
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M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.: Nanosecond pHEMT Switches
M/A-COM Technology Solutions switches are used extensively in RF and Microwave commercial, industrial and military applications. Our IC-based switches span from DC to 20 GHz and are ideal for voice and data applications. Our switches range from single pole single throw to multi-throw devices and are available in industry standard and new ultra miniature packages.
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Exhibitor Spotlight

IMS2010 Preliminary Attendance Up Seven Percent Over 2009

TriQuint's Two-stage 0.5 W Driver Offers Higher Integration for 3G/4G Base Stations

CST Announces New Functionality for MICROWAVE STUDIO 2011

Hittite Launches Ultra-compact Tunable Filter Product Line

Peregrine Announces SP5T RF Switch

Rohde & Schwarz Selected for LTE Test Services

Integra Announces Trio of Integrated Power Modules

RFMD Introduces Fully Tested WiMAX Power Amplifier

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Exhibitor Spotlight

Video Interview with MTTS 2010 IMS Chairman

MWJ Staff
Microwave Journal interviews J K McKinney at this year's IMS in Anaheim, CA about the show attendance, technical tracks and new features added to the show.

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Patrick Hindle and David Vye, Microwave Journal
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Complete event news headlines listed by day during the MTT-S IMS -- including pre-show coverage.

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