A Look Inside This Year's IMS 2010
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IMS Insider
May 26, 2010

May 23-28, Anaheim, California

A Look Inside This Year's IMS 2010

Much of the success of the IMS is the yearly draw of the industry's high achievers, engineers attending the conference whose technical program is second to none. The volunteers of the technical program committee do a fantastic job of selecting which papers make the cut. Scanning the schedule of this year’s technical sessions, workshops and panel sessions, it seems clear that IMS will once again deliver, attendance is reported to be up over last year's event. In turn, the commercial side of the event, aka -- the exhibition, can usually bank on decent traffic as a proportion of engineers attending the conference venture onto the show floor to investigate how technology is churned into products.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

TriQuint Semiconductor
Celebrating 25 years of innovation, TriQuint Semiconductor's portfolio of products and process technologies drives RF connectivity for voice, data and video. Visit our booth, 1724, to learn more about TriQuint's innovative foundry services plus our packaged and integrated solutions for base station, optical, cable, mobile device and defense / aerospace applications.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.: T1G6000528-Q3 Packaged GaN Device
TriQuint is proud to announce a new packaged GaN device, the T1G6000528-Q3. It offers more than 7 W of output power and greater than 50 percent efficiency across an exceptionally wide bandwidth. The innovative T1G6000528-Q3 is ideal for narrow and wideband applications, offering exceptional performance from 20 MHz to 6 GHz.
See us in MTT-S Booth 1724
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AKON Inc.: Miniature RF Switches
AKON offers a line of high performance, high speed and high isolation miniature RF switches. These switches are available in standard configurations such as SPST through SP8T and higher. Switching speeds are typically in the order of 100 nanoseconds, but units under 10 ns are also available.
See us in MTT-S Booth 1613
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MTT-S Product Showcase: CTT Inc.
CTT announces a new, compact, low-noise amplifier (LNA) operating in the 1.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range for a wide variety of RF and microwave applications. Conceived with two goals in mind, CTT's latest compact LNA offers noise figures of less than 2.5 dB (Typical) over an instantaneous bandwidth of more than four octaves (1 through 18 GHz).
See us in MTT-S Booth 1806
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MTT-S Product Showcase: Lorch Microwave Inc.
The 3IFAX-1100/2250-ML is a two channel switch bank with a bypass channel. Path A is the bypass and Path B is the two channel switch option. The switch bank has a low band from 20 to 1100 MHz and a high channel of 1300 to 2250 MHz. The bypass covers 1300 to 2250 MHz. The unit features a 3.2 x 1.9 x .35 inch package with surface mount pins.
See us in MTT-S Booth 1016
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MTT-S Product Showcase: Teledyne Cougar
Teledyne Cougar's triple balanced mixer model MMP20281 covers 2.0 to 20 GHz, with an IF frequency range of 5 MHz to 6.0 GHz. Nominal LO drive is +13.0 dBm producing +18 dBm third order intercept. Typical SSB conversion loss is 7.0 dB. LO to RF isolation is 25 dB typical and LO to IF isolation is 20 dB typical.
See us in MTT-S Booth 1324
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Exhibitor Spotlight

Hittite Introduces Nine New Products at IMS 2010

Tektronix and SenarioTek Introduce Wideband Test Solution

Remcom Announces XFdtd EM Simulation Software Update

Cobham Announces Microwave Circuit Products for Aerospace and Defense Market

Skyworks Launches Mid- and High-power WiFi Power Amplifiers

Nujira Demonstrates Efficient Broadband PAs

Florida RF Labs Introduces Complete Line of LTCC Couplers

TriQuint Offers New Digital Step Attenuator

Crystek Introduces Line of Low Pass Filters

Agilent's 3D EM Simulation Software Accelerates High-frequency, High-speed Design

RFMD Introduces Front-end Module for ZigBee-based ISM Applications

Rohde & Schwarz Demonstrates New Microwave Instruments

Thunderline-Z in Attendance at IMS 2010

Molex Showcases Expanded RF/Microwave Product Lines

Integra Announces Development of GaN Technology

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Exhibitor Spotlight

MWJ Blog

Patrick Hindle and David Vye, Microwave Journal
View and participate in our Blogs including an expert view of IMS 2010 and editor’s comments about the industry and show.

New Products on Display at MTTS IMS 2010 in Anaheim

Patrick Hindle, Technical Editor, Microwave Journal
The past week has included several big announcements in the microwave industry for Mergers & Acquisitions, which I will extend to also include some significant partnerships that were formed.

Exhibitor Profiles

MWJ Staff
Over 100 IMS exhibitor’s participated in our annual show issue Exhibitor Profile feature this year. From Advanced Control Components Inc. to Z-Communications Inc. our A to Z look at the companies and products that will be at this year's IMS is a good source of pre-event information.

Exhibitor Spotlight

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