AWR Corp., a leader in high-frequency EDA, is showcasing the 2010 release of its product line at IMS 2010 (Booth #1318). This release includes enhancements to Microwave Office® high-frequency design software, AXIEM™ 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software and Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communication system design and optimization software. New feature highlights include: Microwave Office: • Nonlinear behavioral modeling support for Agilent’s X-parameters® and Mesuro’s Cardiff model • Multi-rate harmonic balance technology (MRHB™) improvements for even faster simulation times • Constant compression/constant output power simulation for computing compression from linear gain region or max gain region • Linear stability analysis including normalized determinant function and stability envelope measurement • Connectivity tracer for identifying nets and locating short or open circuits visually • iFilter™ optional filter synthesis for designing and optimizing lumped and distributed filters • AWR Connected™ for Cadence® Allegro® (optional) imports Cadence PCB layouts for further analysis and EM extraction AXIEM: •Antenna analysis including: •Antenna patterns for linear, circular, and elliptical polarizations, etc. •Numerous antenna measurements including gain •Current visualization/animation VSS: •Time delay neural network (TDNN) advanced amplifier behavioral models for capturing memory effects •Turbo decoders supporting 3G/4G standards (cdma2000, IS856, WiMAX and LTE) and custom turbo codes •Additional RF models and enhancements to RF architecture design In addition, Steve Maas, AWR’s chief scientist, is presenting "Historical Trends and Evolution of Circuit Simulation Technology” on Wednesday, May 26 at 3:50 p.m., at IMS’s technical sessions, and AWR and its partners are delivering 13 MicroApps in the MicroApps Theater on the exhibition floor.