Here's a look at the editorial planned for June, July and August in Microwave Journal.

June – Editor Pat Hindle examines today’s compound semiconductor foundry business and the pressure it is under from competing integrated circuits based on RF CMOS, LDMOS, SiC and GaN. Dynamic changes among RF/microwave semiconductor technologies, driven by trends in mobile devices such as smartphones and ubiquitous wireless connectivity are of particular interest to RF front end designers (power amplifiers, switch and filtering) and supporting technologies such as simulation and test solutions. Other technical features cover fast switching techniques, improved linearity of a pHEMT driver amp using tunable field-plate voltage, high-frequency bond wire characterization and more.

Product reviews from Analog Devices, Agilent, Integra Technologies, Hittite, Win Semiconductor and Quartzlock

July – The second and final installment of “How Design Software Changed the World” by Editor David Vye examines the software developments that impacted RF/Microwave design from 1988 to the present. This timeframe covers both the public debut of the smart weapons used in the first Gulf War, made possible by DoD funded RF/microwave R&D and the wireless revolution of the 1990’s and beyond. Other editorial includes a look at how Software Defined Radio is defining microwave hardware, a review of IMS 2010 and the new products exhibited, antenna modeling via software and more.

Product reviews from AWR, Huber + Suhner, Rohde & Schwarz and Linear Technologies.

August – Our Satellite and Radio Communications issue looks at MIMO and More! Moray Rumney, Lead Technologist for Agilent authors our cover feature on the challenges ahead for defining and implementing over-the-air (OTA) testing standards for MIMO based LTE networks. Related content on mobile network characterization include reverberation testing from MI Technologies, network field-to-lab testing by Azimuth, and performing “virtual drive” network testing by Spirent. We also present a technical article from Siklu on their novel e-band RF CMOS SoC front-end for microwave backhaul and the history of satellite communications.

Product reviews from Anritsu, Avago, and RT Logic

August Supplement - our Military Microwave issue looks at ad hoc networks for military radios, EM simulation of chaff fields, near field time domain analysis and a 500 watt TWT from Thales.