The US defense industry will continue to provide the key applications for GaN microelectronics, as this emerging technology sector moves into a new phase of commercial development.

Deployments in electronic warfare, next-generation radar and covert communications will represent nearly 50 percent of the $376 M market for GaN microelectronic components in 2014. For commercial applications, the emerging demand in low-voltage power conversion will begin to supplement the sluggish adoption of GaN components in wireless infrastructure that will continue through 2012.

“Much depends on the success of new entrants targeting applications in power management,” said Asif Anwar, Director of the Strategy Analytics GaAs and Compound Semiconductor Service. “After the initial launch of these products in the opening quarter of 2010, we expect a number of major suppliers to enter the market over the next two years, prior to significant RF deployments in wireless infrastructure from 2012 onwards.”

The “GaN Microelectronics Market Update 2009-2014” report, from Strategy Analytics, details the increasing impact that this new semiconductor technology will have in the power management sector. The complementary report, “GaN Device and Material Vendor Summary,” reveals the strategies being employed by the growing base of companies supplying GaN-based products for both military and commercial applications.

Steve Entwistle, VP of the Strategy Analytics Strategic Technologies Practice, commented, “GaN has already cemented its place in the optoelectronics market, and is now emerging as a key enabling technology for the commercial microelectronics sector. Strategy Analytics anticipates several years of strong growth fueled by both RF and power management applications.”