Rogers Corp. will turn the spotlight on some of its most versatile circuit board materials at the upcoming Del Mar Electronics & Design Show. Members of Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division will greet visitors to Booth 622 with circuit board solutions that deliver high performance for low cost, including RO3000® and RO4000® laminates.

One of Southern California’s leading trade events for design, manufacturing and test, the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show will be held May 5-6, 2010, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. This show draws engineers and technicians involved in all stages of product development and, at the Rogers booth, they are sure to find a material suited to their circuit board application.

Rogers RO2808™ fluoropolymer-composite circuit board materials are ideal for compact low-cost electronic devices that require high circuit density. RO2808 laminates exhibit consistent dielectric constant of 7.6 and loss tangent of 0.0015 at 10 GHz and are well suited for printed wire board (PWB) and advanced packaging applications.

RO3730™ antenna grade laminates are engineered with the thermo-mechanical and electrical properties sought after by antenna designers. With low dielectric constant of 3.0 and loss tangent of only 0.00013 at 2.5 GHz, RO3730 laminates, with outstanding passive intermodulation (PIM) performance (better than -154 dBc), are ideal for a wide range of antennas, including in cellular, RFID, WLAN and satellite communications systems. The economical, RoHS-compliant RO3730 laminates are compatible with standard PTFE circuit board manufacturing processes.

RO4360™ laminates are glass reinforced, high Dk (6.15 at 2.5 GHz and 10 GHz) thermoset materials. These materials are a high performance, low cost alternative to PTFE that can be processed just like FR-4. With their high thermal conductivity, they are a good match for power amplifier designs where the high Dk can be used to keep the board size down, especially important when lower frequencies are involved. And with their low loss, they also support miniature printed antennas and other compact circuits.

Another PTFE alternative, Rogers RO4000 LoPro™ laminates, can be used for both high-speed digital and high-frequency analog applications. Although they process like FR-4, glass-reinforced RO4000 LoPro laminates deliver excellent high-frequency performance and low PIM. Rogers RO4000 laminates are also available with resistive foils for fabricating thin PCBs with integrated resistors.