NDK (Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd.) announces the availability of its M55310/30-B Series, Type 1 crystal clock oscillators (XO). They are available in a frequency range of 450 kHz to 100 MHz. Frequency stability is typically < ±5 ppm at 23°C and <±30 ppm over the operating temperature range of -55° to +125°C. Aging characteristics are typically <±1 ppm per year. The hermetically sealed SMD package measures 0.560" (L) x 0.360" (W) x 0.188" (H) maximum. These XOs operate on a supply voltage of +3.3 VDC drawing 8 mA on the lower frequency versions and 30 mA on the higher frequency versions. Delivering a CMOS square wave output with a load of 15 pF ±5 percent/10 Kohm ±5 percent.

NDK’s M55310/30 XOs are designed and manufactured in the USA. Standard environmental performance for hermeticity is per MIL-PRF-55310 (maximum leakage rate 5x 10E-8 atm cc/s), vibration-mechanical is per MIL-STD-202 (method 204D, cond. D), terminal strength is per MIL-STD-202 (method 211, cond. A) and the ambient pressure is per MIL-STD-202 (method 105, cond. C). NDK’s facilities passed a Mil Std 790 audit as part of the approval process.

The M55310/30 XOs are ideal for hi-rel/demanding environment communication devices found in avionics, space, military, maritime and down-hole applications.

“Being granted this approval by the US Department of Defense allows NDK to deliver our leading-edge technologies into markets we did not necessarily serve before. This will also open NDK to provide these OEMs with cost-effective frequency control solutions through our COTS program,” said Ken Hennessy, President, NDK America Inc.

Delivery for the M55310/30 27 MHz version is 8 to 12 weeks ARO. Qualified engineering samples may be ordered.