Aeroflex announced that Silicon Laboratories has selected Arendar® 2009 Suite from VI Technology, an Aeroflex company. Arendar 2009 Suite is an enterprise software solution that utilizes a modular architecture, integrated security, comprehensive API and web accessibility to shorten test cycles and speed time-to-market.

“We are focused on increasing the efficiency of our test and development activities and VI Technology’s Arendar 2009 Suite offered test data and test plan management solutions that helped us achieve that goal,” said Greg Hodgson, Director of Applications and Systems Engineering, Silicon Laboratories.

“Silicon Laboratories’ success with Arendar 2009 Suite is a great case study that shows how much time can be saved with smart data management and test plan solutions,” said Alvaro Echeverria, Vice President of Business Development, VI Technology.

In 2006, VI Technology helped Silicon Labs leverage the Arendar platform to provide the most flexible enterprise-enabled data management system. Silicon Labs has since upgraded to Arendar 2009 Suite Test Data Management Module (TDM). Arendar 2009 Suite TDM enables Silicon Labs engineers to efficiently and automatically consolidate all acquired data in one centralized location to perform sophisticated analysis, trending and customized reporting. Once securely stored, the data is accessible from anywhere in the world via a Web dashboard.

In 2009, Silicon Labs expanded the capabilities of its data management solution to include the Arendar 2009 Suite Test Plan Module (TPM), enabling them to create, modify, reuse and share test configurations quickly using centralized storage, definition libraries, versioning and job tracking.