The following booth numbers are complete as of March 18, 2010.

L-band Polarizer

This L-band polarizer sets a new standard for air-cooled ferrite control devices required to operate at high average power levels. Capable of switching between vertical linear and right-hand circular polarization, the L-band polarizer handles 65 kW peak and 6.5 kW average power. Maximum insertion loss is 0.4 dB, with 500 microseconds switching between states. The L-band polarizer allows the FAA LRR to switch between polarization modes dependent on weather conditions, providing feedback indicating the proper moment for switching.

Microwave Applications Group
Santa Maria, CA
(805) 928-5711
Booth 3517
RS 263

QFN Packaged Up-converter

This 5.6 to 10.5 GHz GaAs MMIC up-converter integrates a double-balanced image reject mixer, LO buffer amplifier, RF buffer amplifier and variable attenuator, all within a fully molded 4×4 mm QFN package. This RoHS-compliant, packaged up-converter has an output third- order intercept point (OIP3) of +25 dBm, a conversion gain of 8 dB and a typical image rejection of 15 dBc. Variable gain regulation can be achieved by adjusting the bias, with turn-down trajectories optimized to maintain linearity and minimal 2xLO leakage over the gain control range. The XU1012-QH is well suited for point-to-point (PTP) radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications. The XU1012-QH is one hundred percent RF and DC tested.

Mimix Broadband Inc.
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600
Booth 1119
RS 264

5 to 20 GHz Wideband Microwave Amplifier

The Mini-Circuits AVA-24+ is a surface-mount, microwave amplifier and fully integrated gain block up to 20 GHz. It is packaged in Mini-Circuits’ industry standard 3×3 mm MCLP (QFN) package, which provides excellent RF and thermal performance. The AVA-24+ integrates the entire matching network with the majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated external circuits. This approach makes the AVA-24+ extremely flexible and enables simple, straightforward use.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500
Booth 531
RS 265


Modelithics Inc. announces a significant update to its linear and nonlinear device and system level component model library. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v7.0 encompasses all passive and active Modelithics models available for designers using Agilent Technologies’ ADS. Modelithics COMPLETE Library versions for AWR Microwave Office and Agilent Genesys are scheduled for release by June. Increased flexibility is also available with the company’s multi-simulator option for customers using multiple EDA tools. Get more information or a free trial at

Modelithics Inc.
Tampa, FL
(813) 866-6335
Booth 1131
RS 266

Versatile Materials

Momentive Performance Materials’ is a leader in thermal management products. Momentive’s thermally annealed pyrolytic graphite (TPG) has thermal conductivity over four times that of copper, yet is only 1/4th the weight of copper. The ever increasing power consumption of microelectronics demands more advanced technologies and materials. TPG provides new solutions to thermal problems in many aerospace and military applications, including radars, satellites and fighter jets. Ongoing programs are designed to translate this success to broader commercial markets.

Momentive Performance Materials
Strongsville, OH
(440) 878-5700
Booth 736
RS 267

Ku-band Block Up Converter

Narda is capitalizing on its Ultimate SMTSM Technology to produce low cost BUC/BDC modules for X-, Ku- and Ka-band SATCOM applications. These complex integrated microwave assemblies (IMA) are constructed using a single multilayer board with the microwave circuitry on the top side and the control circuitry on the bottom. Connections from top to bottom are made with via holes as appropriate. These vias combined with a novel sub cover approach meet required high isolation levels.

Narda Microwave-East
Hauppauge, NY
(631) 231-1700
Booth 3002, 3102
RS 268

Broadband High Power Amplifier

Ophir RF 5213 is a 1000 W amplifier system that covers the 200 to 1000 MHz frequency range. This small and lightweight amplifier system utilizes Class A/AB linear power devices that provide excellent third-order intercept point, high gain and a wide dynamic range. RF input signal formats of CW/AM/FM/PM and pulse. The amplifier can be fully controlled by the front panel key-pads or remotely by RS232/Ethernet or IEEE488. System protected against VSWR, thermal overload, over current and voltage. Operating voltage is 186 to 264 VAC, three phases.Fifty ohms input and output impedance with Type-N input and 7/16-DIN output connectors.

Ophir RF
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 306-5556
Booth 2736
RS 269

Quad Ridge Horn Antenna

Orient Microwave Corp. introduces a specially designed quad ridge horn antenna. This antenna shows superior characteristics for a wide frequency range. The antenna operates in a frequency range from 2 to 18 GHz; offers VSWR of 3.0:1 maximum; gain of 8 to 18 dBi; power of 10 W maximum; isolation of 25 dB maximum; and input connector of SMA (jack) × 2. Size: 126 × 126 × 195 mm. Weight: 550g maximum.

Orient Microwave Corp.
Shiga, Japan
Booth 2704
RS 270

RF Coaxial Cables

YouForm™ high quality, low cost jacketed hand formable cables that feature stainless steel SMA plugs on each end are now available in straight and right angle configurations. One hundred percent VSWR tested 1.35:1 at 18 GHz for SMA straight connectors and 1.35:1 at 12.4 GHz for SMA right angle. YouForm cables are available in two diameters 0.085 (0.102(OD) and 0.141 (0.161(OD). Lengths from 2 inch to 18 inch in stock for one low price $9.95 each for straight SMAs; $13.95 for straight to right angle SMAs and $14.95 for SMA right angle to right angle. Longer lengths available at a slightly higher price. Applications include RF and microwave rack mounted systems, radar, base stations, module to module links, communications systems and military COTS.

P1dB Inc., distributed by RFMW Ltd.
San Jose, CA
(408) 414-1450
Booth 1331
RS 271

Hi Q/Low ESR Capacitors

Passive Plus Inc. now offers an Extended Working Voltage capability for its core Hi Q/low ESR Capacitor line. Available in six case sizes: 0.055" × 0.055" extended up to 300 W VDC; 0.110" × 0.110" extended up to 1,000 W VDC; 0.225" × 0.225" extended up to 5,000 W VDC; 0.390" × 0.390" extended up to 7,200 W VDC; 0.614" × 0.433" extended up to 9,000 W VDC; and 0.760" × 0.760" extended up to 10,000 W VDC. All product lines are available in P90 or NPO dielectrics with a variety of terminations and lead styles. All products are also available in non-magnetic termination styles. Delivery: stock to two weeks.

Passive Plus Inc.
Huntington Station, NY
(631) 425-0938
Booth 1902
RS 272

EM Supreme Version 2010

PedaSoft LLC announced EM-Supreme Version 2010. EM-Supreme is a time-domain Field-Device-Circuit Co-simulator that can be used to model passive structures, active components, and complete RF and millimeter-wave modules. EM-Supreme is an accurate alternative to what RF designers are using today “i.e. modeling the active and passive parts of the chip using separate field and circuit simulators, followed by combining the results employing simple approximations, without taking the effect of electromagnetic coupling, radiation, and interference into consideration,” which leads to inaccurate models especially at high power and/or high frequency RF chips. With EM-Supreme, RF designers can model CMOS as well as GaAs and GaN FETs. The tool enables RF designers achieving first-pass design success, eliminating ad-hoc design, and reducing time-to-market and development cost.

PedaSoft LLC
Chandler, AZ
(480) 821-9201
Booth 633
RS 273

Microwave Frequency Synthesizers

The QuickSyn® series of microwave synthesizers delivers instrument-grade performance, increased functionality, and efficient power consumption at a reduced size and low cost. The synthesizers employ a revolutionary phase-refining technology that provides a unique combination of fast-switching speed and low phase noise characteristics. In addition to synthesizers, Phase Matrix designs and manufactures other custom components and subassemblies for commercial and military applications. Circuit designs include amplifiers, VCOs, DTOs, up/downconverters, frequency multipliers, SPMT switches, filters, diplexers, variable attenuators, and phase-locked oscillators up to 50 GHz.

Phase Matrix Inc.
San Jose, CA
(408) 428-1000
Booth 1533
RS 274