The following booth numbers are complete as of March 18, 2010.

S-band Radar Transistor

The ILD3135M180 is designed for S-band radar applications operating over the 3.1 to 3.5 GHz instantaneous frequency band. Under 300 µs pulse width and 10 percent duty cycle pulsing conditions, it typically supplies a minimum of 180 W of peak output power with 10 dB gain. Specified operation is with Class AB bias. All devices are 100 percent screened for large-signal RF parameters in a fixed tuned broadband matching circuit. The broadband test fixture includes a temperature compensated bias network. Available for sampling.

Integra Technologies Inc.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 606-0855
Booth 2425
RS 251

Wideband Attenuator

The new 50P-1857 programmable attenuator offers solid-state reliability and superior broadband performance. With an operating frequency range of 200 to 6000 MHz, it is ideal for today’s wideband variable attenuator requirements including VHF/UHF, LTE and WiMAX testing applications. This 50 Ohm device has a dynamic range of 0 to 95 dB in 1 dB steps and is guaranteed monotonic across its entire bandwidth. SMA female connectors are standard on the input and output, but other connector configurations may also be available upon request.

JFW Industries Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340
Booth 1700
RS 252

Directional Coupler

The model 110067016 is a directional coupler that operates in a frequency range from 10 to 67 GHz. This model offers coupling (with re-spect to output) of 16 ± 1.1 dB and frequency sensitivity of ± 2.0 dB. The coupler provides directivity of 7.25 dB, maximum VSWR (any port) of 2.0, insertion loss of < 1.95 dB maximum, and power rating (input) of 20 W average, 3 KW Peak. Standard connectors are 1.85 mm female. This model provides an operating temperature of -54° to +85°C. Delivery: stock to 30 days.

Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 734-5999
Booth 1338
RS 253

Two-channel Switch Bank

The 3IFAX-1100/2250-ML is a two-channel switch bank with a bypass channel. Path A is the by-pass and Path B is the two-channel switch option. The switch bank has a low band from 20 to 1100 MHz and a high channel of 1300 to 2250 MHz. The by-pass covers 1300 to 2250 MHz. The unit features a 3.2 × 1.9 × 0.35 inch package with surface-mount pins. The power supply is a single +5 V with LVTTL for control logic. The bank features 50 and 60 dB stopbands and 1.5:1 VSWR. The operating temperature is -40° to +85°C.

Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100
Booth 1016
RS 254

Fully Enclosed Laser System

The ProtoLaser S is a fully enclosed laser system for PCB prototyping and production on-demand. This stand-alone laser-based system works directly off of CAD data to produce circuits on a variety of materials; including ceramic, PTFE, as well as thin and flexible substrates, making it an ideal component for RF and microwave PCBs. The revolutionary tool-less laser processing method can be used to produce lines, spaces and corner radii. The protective cabinet allows for a Class 1 laser safety rating.

LPKF Laser & Electronics
Tualatin, OR
(503) 454-4200
Booth 600
RS 255

Nanosecond PHEMT Switches

M/A-COM Technology Solutions switches are used extensively in RF and microwave commercial, industrial and military applications. These IC-based switches span from DC to 20 GHz and are ideal for voice and data applications. The switches range from single pole single throw to multi-throw devices and are available in industry standard and new ultra miniature packages. M/A-COM Tech also recently introduced a new family of reduced gate lag devices with exceptionally fast switch settling time. These new PHEMT switches give designers a critical advantage when multiple series switches or high data rates are key functions in test and communications equipment.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.
Lowell, MA
(978) 656-2546
Booth 2905
RS 256

Precision Components and Calibration Standards

This new line of instrument-grade precision components is designed to provide users with the right level of performance at the right price. This new product line, TactiCalTM, includes calibration standards manufactured to the same high quality and exacting requirements that have made Maury’s metrology-grade products the Gold Standard of the Test & Measurement industry for over 50 years. TactiCal precision components and calibration standards include 50 ohm coaxial VNA calibration kits, opens, fixed loads, and shorts in 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.5 mm and type N. This new product line also includes between-series and in-series coaxial adapters in these same connector types.

Maury Microwave Corp.
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715
Booth 726
RS 257

Power Divider/Combiners

The V-Line power divider/combiners feature increased power rating and extended frequency range. These two-way through 16-way, 40 W power divider/combiners are optimized for excellent performance across all wireless bands from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz. The divider/combiners rugged construction makes them ideal for both base stations and in-building wireless systems. These products are available from stock to two weeks ARO in N, SMA, BNC, or TNC connector configurations for your 3G or 4G/LTE–WiMAX applications. One hundred percent made in the USA with a 36-month warranty.

MECA Electronics Inc.
Denville, NJ
(973) 625-0661
Booth 2204
RS 258

Coaxial Circulators and Isolators

MESL Microwave introduces a new range of low cost co-axial circulators and isolators covering the range 1 to 18 GHz. Using a modular design approach that enables short lead-times, these parts offer improved microwave performance with insertion loss of 0.3 dB and isolation of 23 dB for a 15 percent bandwidth device. These parts are available in narrow band and broadband designs and are suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial, military, industrial and test bench applications.

MESL Microwave
Edinburgh, UK
+44 131 333 2000
Booth 517
RS 259

Low Loss Flexible Cable Assemblies

The C02 Series are the cable assemblies with good phase stability vs. flexure of 0.9° at 18 GHz, the typical insertion loss of one meter cable asembly is at 2.0 dB at 18 GHz, and the typical return loss is at 22 dB at 18 GHz. These cable assemblies are especially a good fit for the applications of RF and microwave test systems, and mobile communications.

MIcable Inc.
Fuzhou, Fujian, China
+86 591 87382856
Booth 1036
RS 260


The µWave Wizard™ EM CAD tool is a fast and accurate electromagnetic solver that utilizes the well-known Mode-matching technique and its derivatives as well as the flexible 2D FE- and 3D FE-Method. Improvements with this release include several new features for existing elements as well as new elements that offer advanced designs, e.g. more kinds of low pass filters or corrugated coax horn antennas. µWave Wizard offers numerous features such as fast frequency sweep based on adaptive rational function interpolation and 64 bit capability (including multi-processor capabilities).

Mician GmbH
Bremen, Germany
+49 421 168 993 56
Booth 1710
RS 261

300 W SPDT Switches

Micronetics unveils a line of high power 300 W SPDT switches that can support switching repletion rates of 2 MHz. These switches are ideal for field radar and instrumentation radar applications where rapid switching between transmit and receive is a necessity. All Micronetics high power switches are 100 percent high power tested for maximum field reliability.

Micronetics Inc.
Hudson, NH
(603) 883-2900
Booth 1140, 1340
RS 262