At CTIA, Strategy Analytics hones in on the battle for position in 4G networks, devices and applications. “With every new generation of mobile, we have seen new leaders emerge, as others stumble and lose market share. The leaders in LTE will be those who understand that it is all about the user experience, the value proposition and the broader ecosystem,” explained David Kerr, Vice President of the Global Wireless Practice at Strategy Analytics.

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director of Mobile Broadband Opportunities at Strategy Analytics, added, “The US is the leading battleground for 4G. With broad commitments to LTE and WiMAX service launches, US operators will speed up the competition and create one of the most influential markets for new mobile broadband services and devices. Any company positioning for growth in LTE needs to secure a position in the US market.” Early winners will include Verizon Wireless, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Apple, Sony, Google and others.

Strategy Analytics forecasts the US will have around 20 million LTE subscriptions by end of 2012, and an additional six million mobile WiMAX subs – close to 25 percent of the global total of 4G subscriptions.