RFaxis, a fabless semiconductor company focused on innovative, next-generation RF solutions for the wireless and connectivity markets, announced that GRT Technology Co. Ltd. has selected RFaxis’ RFX2401 RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC) for integration into its family of ZigBee solutions.

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, GRT Technology is a solution provider in the rapidly growing ZigBee market. By leveraging Linux-based software with its highly-integrated ZigBee modules, GRT provides plug and play ZigBee solutions for a great variety of global applications that require real-time data delivery and display from remote wireless sensor networks, including 'Smart Energy' (LED streetlight control, power saving devices, etc.); 'Smart Home' (HVAC control, security/alarm systems, RF4CE remote control devices); remote monitoring and care for children and senior citizens; and remote asset tracking and control for agriculture and livestock.

"GRT is a major ZigBee first-mover and has aggressively launched exciting products for the booming ZigBee space," noted Mike Neshat, President and CEO of RFaxis. "We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with GRT, and are excited that our single-chip, single-die RFX2401 RFeIC for ZigBee can enable their mission to deliver global solutions for a better and greener quality of life."

Di Chiu, GRT General Manager, commented, "To lead the way in the exploding ZigBee market, it is critical for GRT to enhance the reliability and extend the range of our ZigBee solutions. We needed an energy-efficient and cost-effective RF front-end that delivers quality performance and is very easy to implement. After assessing a variety of RF front-end solutions, the RFaxis RFX2401 was the clear winner in terms of rapid integration and superior performance power efficiency over conventional front-end solutions."