Auriga Measurement Systems LLC announced it will be doing business as Auriga Microwave. The new name better signifies the company’s strength and direction.

Building upon its strong “Auriga” brand, Auriga Microwave expands its products and services to include design and manufacture of RF modules, particularly power amplifiers. Leveraging the team’s depth of experience, the company’s goal is to be the leading provider of high-performance microwave modules to system integrators, principally for the Department of Defense.

“Since mid-2007, we have won seven Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) awards, and will have graduated six of them to Phase II SBIRs by Q2 of this year,” said Bruce Cohen, President and CEO of Auriga Microwave. “Our power amplifier and front-end solutions are principally built on Gallium Nitride- or Gallium Arsenide-based technology, and with our modeling background and team-oriented creativity, we are able to deliver balanced solutions that meet or exceed customers’ specifications.”

As Auriga moves from a predominately test and measurement company to a provider of microwave solutions, the name of the company better reflects its future. Auriga will continue to develop and manufacture test equipment, but anticipates long-term growth to come from its leading-edge design and manufacture of high-performance modules. Auriga’s customers can expect to see solutions that provide higher output power; improved efficiency; better linearity; wider bandwidth; smaller size and lighter weight.

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