Automated Tuner System Software

Maury Microwave Corp. is releasing the latest software, MT993 version 4.0 for its automated tuner system. Key features of version 4.0 include an improved GUI, significant functional enhancements, complete migration and support for ATN systems, and a comprehensive DLL kit. This release continues to provide improved solutions for device characterization measurements.

Whole-chip Simulation Tool

The VeloceRFv1.4.2 EDA tool that facilitates whole-chip RF modeling and simulation now features an enhanced Spiral Wizard. This module enables the tool to rapidly and efficiently deliver spirals to order, tailored exactly to designer requirements in inductance, operating frequency and quality factor. The design process is significantly simplified and accelerated, as it is disentangled from the use of pre-characterized inductor libraries. The tool features on-the-fly layout synthesis, under an extensive set of constraints that make it possible to optimize inductor quality factor, shrink silicon real estate and minimize the surrounding interconnect. Available within both schematic and layout environments, the interface is intuitive and fast.

RF Design Tool

Version 8.00 is the latest release of the APLAC RF Design tool, which automates expert procedures to combine RFIC and analog simulation with a broad range of functions for circuit analysis and optimization. New features focus on simulation speed with new Transient Analysis run simulations up to 40 times faster, with the same accuracy, while Threaded Harmonic Balance analysis speeds HB simulation significantly on multiprocessor systems. Other developments include an enhanced WLAN library that supports IEE 802.11b standards and an IBIS modeling capability. Also, a C-language interface enables users to load their own device model codes or function codes into the APLAC Simulator. Version 8.00 is available for Windows, Linux and Unix platforms.


The latest version of radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity and pre-compliance emissions software has been introduced. The new model SW 1006 is suitable for compliance testing to MIL-STD 461/462 and DO 160. The new software incorporates all the features of previous versions and has the ability to program the test level and modulation scheme by frequency. The SW 1006 also performs the different test methodologies necessary for compliant IEC 6100-4-3, MIL-STD-461/462 and DO 160 testing.

2D Electric Field Analysis

ELECTRO 6.2 is the latest version of IES’ 2D electric field solver software. It is used for applications such as high voltage shielding, cables, transformers, insulators and bushings, transmission lines, lightning arrestors, and pulsed power systems. ELECTRO 6.2 calculations include electric field strength, transmission line parameters and capacitance. Of particular interest to transformer designers is the addition of linear varying voltage boundary conditions. A new impressed E-field and a coenergy command have also been added. ELECTRO’s Hybrid BE-FE method combines the strengths of the Boundary Element (BEM) and Finite Element (FEM) methods to provide faster and more accurate solutions.

Filter Design Center

This Filter Design Center is the essential design tool for the RF designer, providing precise bandpass filter performance. The resulting designs are based on standard lumped element bandpass filter technology, ideal for use in both military and space environments. This filter program synthesizes user specified inputs for passband frequencies, loss, rejection, ripple and temperature range, calculates the S-parameters, and displays them in either swept or tabular form. The S-parameters are then available for export and analysis in system level simulations. This program can be run from REMEC’s homepage in the “products” menu or by requesting a CD by simply e-mailing a request to

Common Test Software (CTS)

CTS will improve operational efficiency in low volume, high mix, configuration controlled and secure test environments. With CTS, test parameters can be defined from an extensive list of variables. The requirements can be processed and an automated test program configured. The input files, core software and test program are completely traceable. The same test platform is used to define the project, manage user access, import/export data, perform calibration, acquire data, perform post processing routines and issue test reports. In applications ranging from UHF to Ka-band, insertable and non-insertable devices, active and passive electronics, component, module and subsystem levels of integration, and software development costs have been reduced significantly.

Microwave Cable Assemblies Web Store

The Web site offers a fully-interactive Web store for UTiFLEX custom microwave test assemblies. The site features a completely integrated design tool that details features and benefits of all products, enabling the user to select the optimum cable, connector and armor combinations. Real time price and delivery details are instantly available and orders can be placed directly from the site, insuring quick and accurate turnaround of custom, stable test assemblies. It also features a product selector for the entire family of semi-rigid and flexible coaxial products.