2010, the year of the microwave supply chain, at least for the editors of Microwave Journal. Our reporting will consider trends in part specification, marketing and procurement as well as the relationship between suppliers and end-users, as this topic relates to the monthly theme. And where does the supply chain shine more than at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) exhibition?

This year's IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Anaheim, CA will be early and so will our special show issue. The conference/exhibition is in May, which means the show issue will be distributed in mid-April. Your marketing efforts before the show will have a great impact on your booth traffic and ultimate success. Make sure you have a strong presence in the magazine more people rely on for complete show coverage and the only trade journal that will be distributed in the delegate bags. In last month’s newsletter, Carl Sheffres discussed our special plans to promote advertisers appearing in our annual show issue. Here’s a glimpse at what the editorial for the month will look like.

Legendary microwave manufacturer representative, Chuck Swift co-authors our cover story on the history of microwaves (and companies) in California. Chuck will focus on Southern California. Software guru and founder of Compact Software and Besser Associates, Les Besser will write a companion piece on the people, companies and events that defined the microwave business in northern California.

Editors David Vye and Pat Hindle will author a special exhibition preview that takes a look at technology trends and product releases of this past year and consider what the industry might expect to see for killer products at IMS. Our recent and upcoming trips to Mobile World Congress, CTIA and Satellite 2010 will provide the backdrop of what we expect to see in Anaheim at IMS. Got some hot tips for us? Feel free to send us an e-mail. We will also be updating how the Journal provides travel tips this year, leveraging social media and the internet to help guide attendees toward the best dining, where to save money and real-time updates on where the “after show“ party is happening. Join us as we become blogging/twittering maniacs.

Our May issue’s theme is dedicated to Oscillators and Amplifiers. In a microwave system, oscillators and amplifiers are among the most critical components. Last year’s cover story on GaAs versus Silicon power amps was among our most popular of the year. This issue’s cover story, authored by Dr. Ulrich Rohde and A.J Poddar, both of Synergy Microwave, should prove to be equally well-received. The topic is on the technology and market drivers governing today’s timing solutions. This will be an excellent overview and reference article for companies looking for the correct oscillator technology for their microwave system or the companies offering such products.

We will also be featuring technical articles and product features from several prominent integrated device manufacturers as well as a start-up company doing some exciting power amplifier work on silicon CMOS targeting 3G handset applications. This issue targets integrated device manufacturers (RFIC and MMIC) and the system integrators who use these products.

Remember, coordinating your marketing message with related editorial increases your visibility at the right time, for the right audience. Maximize your marketing efforts and plan acccordingly.