Simulation Software

ANSYS Inc. announced the release of ANSYS® Engineering Knowledge Manager™ (ANSYS® EKM™) 2.0, a product focused on simulation process and data management (SPDM). The solution set addresses some real-world challenges that engineers face, such as how to better manage, share and reuse simulation data as well as how to capture the engineering expertise that a simulation result represents. ANSYS EKM 2.0 offers a number of significant enhancements that simplify and speed up work, especially for remote teams that hand off data to each other as part of collaborative design. By managing simulation data and processes using ANSYS EKM technology, companies can more effectively leverage the full power of simulation. The ultimate result is shortened time to market and protection of valuable intellectual property.

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RS No. 310

Software for Compliant Testing

AR’s SW1007 software is a standalone program that combines conducted immunity test software and radiated susceptibility test software into one user-friendly package suitable for corporate to professional test lab users. The software automatically performs both calibration and immunity testing in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-3, 4-6; MIL STD 461/462 RS103, CS114 and RTCA/DO160 Section 20 specifications. The new version has an updated user interface including a tab system and organizes all the features for quick, easy access and makes selecting test standards much easier. The SW1007 also has the ability to control more equipment and the report generating feature has been enhanced to offer more control and customization.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
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Serial/Parallel USB Designer’s Kit

The HMC-DK008 Serial/Parallel USB Interface Designer’s kit provides a user friendly interface for programming Hittite’s family of digital attenuators and variable gain amplifiers. This kit allows the designer to set desired attenuation and gain states, toggle between serial and parallel control modes, and construct custom serially clocked input signals. The HMC-DK008 Designer’s Kit includes a Serial/Parallel USB Interface Board, custom USB and ribbon cable assemblies, and software CD-ROM.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA
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RS No. 312

Antenna Stock Locator

This recently launched online antenna stock locator system provides Laird Technologies’ customers an electronic platform to directly access qualified distributors and their available inventory through the website. Laird Technologies’ online users now have a single destination to search the antenna inventory of several select distributors at the same time. The system can identify all Laird Technologies IAS products, which includes Land Mobile Radio – LMR (Portable, Vehicular, Base Station), Broadband Wireless Access – BWA (WiMAX, WISP and Cellular), Wireless LAN – WLAN, and Radio Frequency Identification – RFID applications based on partial or entire part numbers, as well as by global region of availability. These indicators make it simple and easy for users to pinpoint which distributor can best fit their needs.

Laird Technologies Inc.
St. Louis, MO
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Passive Component Library

Modelithics announced the release of its latest version (v 6.1) of the Modelithics® CLR Library™ of reliably accurate and highly scalable models for all currently supported simulators. This expanded collection of well-documented substrate and part-value scalable capacitor, resistor and inductor families from popular vendors like Johanson Technology, ATC, Murata, Coilcraft, Kemet, Panasonic, Samsung, TDK and Darfon broadens the design engineers’ options for using microwave circuit simulation tools to increase design efficiency and decrease design costs. With this v 6.1 release, Modelithics announces a new multi-simulator license option for customers who possess more than one circuit simulator.

Modelithics Inc.
Tampa, FL
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RS No. 314

Online Design Tool

The High Performance Foams Division of Rogers Corp. has created an online design guide that helps designers select the proper Rogers BISCO® Silicones for use in railcar floating floor designs and systems. Use of the Floating Floor Online Design Guide will assist transportation engineers and designers in quickly evaluating options for materials that meet their specific design needs. When using the Floating Floor Online Design Guide designers proceed through four quick steps (there are options for both metric and English units). With the calculations entered, the designer then receives the results as well as different options to laying out the proper BISCO material. To use the Online Design Guide go to

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