Component Reliability for Electronic SystemsComponent Reliability for Electronic Systems

Titu-Marius I. Bajenescu and Marius I. Bâzu

The main reason for the premature breakdown of today’s electronic products is the failure of the components used to build these products. To help ensure longer-lasting, more technically sound products and systems, a solid understanding of effective ways to minimize the degradation is essential.

The aim of Component Reliability for Electronic Systems is to contribute to the understanding and development of electronic component reliability addressed to people involved in designing, manufacturing and/or testing electronic equipment. From reliability engineers to electrical engineers, anyone involved in the facets of electronics and telecommunications from design to testing would benefit from this book.
The book begins with an introduction offering the link between the reliability of the electronic systems and the electronic components. The first part is dedicated to general issues of reliability engineering, including reliability assembly, assessment, packaging, failure analysis, test and testability.

The second part is focused on specific issues of the reliability of electronic components. Unlike the existing reliability books that are dedicated to one category of components, this book offers in a single source current information about the reliability of all types of electronic components that could be used in electronic systems such as passives, diodes, Si power transistors, optoelectronic components, thyristors, MMICs, microprocessors, hybrids, microsystems/sensors and even nanostructures.

A detailed alphabetical index and a specific bibliography at the end of each chapter complete the picture of the information covered. It is also a practical book bringing together the latest research and industry experience that can be used by students and professors as well as experts and managers in industry. It is a good reference piece and contains comprehensive information on reliability for most types of electronic components.

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