Rogers Corp. will be showcasing its Medical Technology Solutions at the upcoming MD&M show, February 9-11, 2010, in Anaheim, CA.

Rogers is a specialty materials company with extensive experience in a broad range of material and process technologies that can enhance performance and patient comfort when applied to advanced medical technologies like medical electrodes, sensors and devices. A world class manufacturer (ISO 9001), Rogers’ staff of scientists and engineers provide a range of medical device solutions – from simple intermediate components to complete turnkey solutions.

Rogers provides a unique combination of process and material technologies that are well suited to the manufacture of advanced medical electronics. Rogers specializes in: large volume and ultra fine screen printing; unique and cutting-edge user interface and display lighting; high performance Urethane and Silicone Foams; high quality Medical Grade Acrylic and Silicone PSA; high performance circuit materials; thin and long life flat panel batteries; and reliable component assembly and integration

Applications include defibrillation/multi-function electrodes, specialty EEG electrodes, holter monitors, advanced cardiac monitoring, transdermal drug delivery devices and other medical electronics.

Rogers also provides a variety of user interface solutions including EL and LGF backlighting, capacitive sensing, morphing display/key pad technology, and a portfolio of EL and piezo haptic drivers. These solutions can be used to enhance the user experience and information displays on a variety of medical devices.

With over 20 years of design and high volume manufacturing experience in printed electronics, Rogers offers comprehensive capabilities in screen-printed electronics and associated services for the medical market. These include product design, precision registration, finished product conversion and assembly, and electrical, mechanical and optical test capabilities.