For high-performance, high-speed testing of RF and microwave devices, Aeroflex introduces the SMART^E™ 5300 general-purpose test environment. The DC to 40 GHz SMART^E 5300 is unique in its ability to test, monitor and control any Device Under Test (DUT) within a single test environment.

“SMART^E 5300 eliminates a large rack of test equipment and replaces it with a compact test system that is quickly reconfigured and redeployed to suit any individual DUT or production line,” said Francesco Lupinetti, Senior Business Development Executive for Aeroflex’s High Speed Test Solutions. “The SMART^E™5300 also has the ability to emulate legacy and obsolete instruments. In this market, long-term support is a major concern. The fact that we can offer customers a ‘future-proof’ system gives customers peace of mind.”

SMART^E 5300 is designed for parametric and functional testing in the military/aerospace and high-performance commercial markets. The system is ideal for customers with one or more of these demanding RF/microwave test requirements: high throughput production; large number of unique tests per DUT; highly repetitive tests per DUT; product lines requiring rapid software reconfiguration of test systems; and replacement of racks of older or obsolete equipment with a “synthetic” or software-defined test environment.