TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., an RF product manufacturer and foundry services provider, announced it is the market leader powering more WLAN solutions than any other company in today’s smartphones. TriQuint’s gallium arsenide (GaAs) based WLAN solutions offer faster data exchange rates, extended battery life, and better amplification of weak signals than competitive technology.

802.11 a, b, g, n WiFi is now commonplace in feature phones and smartphones. Bluetooth® often shares a common antenna with the WiFi radio; therefore, TriQuint’s 802.11 PAs and LNAs include an antenna switch with a Bluetooth pass through-path. To create its WiFi product portfolio for handsets, wireless data and personal media devices, TriQuint leverages its rich in-house technology assets: E/D pHEMT, TQBiHEMT and Copper Bump (CuFlip™) interconnect technique. Additionally, TriQuint’s industry leading foundry technology provides the RF components used in the leading WLAN semiconductor company’s reference design. Between sales of TriQuint’s standard products and foundry technology, TriQuint estimates its technology powers more WLAN solutions than any other company for today’s smartphones.

“TriQuint has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years in the cellular handset front-end and PA space, providing its customers with leading edge solutions based on a broad portfolio of technologies,” noted Asif Anwar at Strategy Analytics. “TriQuint has successfully brought these same attributes to the Wi-Fi space, building on the continued growing momentum in smartphones, where Wi-Fi is pretty much a standard feature now, and is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing penetration of Wi-Fi in feature phones as well.”

TriQuint’s portfolio of innovative technologies, along with its GaAs expertise, enable TriQuint and its foundry customers to create highly integrated products in the most compact designs while meeting stringent operating temperature and voltage requirements.

TriQuint will continue to grow its portfolio of wireless broadband solutions for mobile devices. Today, TriQuint offers a range of PAs, LNAs, switches and combination LNA/antenna switch products for manufacturers of mobile devices. TriQuint will soon release a dual-band front-end module, which integrates a PA, LNA and antenna switch.