Anatech Electronics introduced the AM1880-1960D268 surface-mount monoblock ceramic duplexer. It is an excellent choice for use in base station transceivers serving wireless communication applications.

The duplexer’s center frequency is 1920 MHz and transmit band (1850 to 1910 MHz) insertion loss is less than 3.4 dB. Return loss is at least 11 dB, and rejection is at least 49 dB. Insertion loss in the receive band (1930 to 1990 MHz) is less than 3.7 dB, return loss is greater than 11 dB, and rejection is at least 54.5 dB. The 50 ohm duplexer will handle RF input power of 2 W and measures 4.6 x 23 x 6.5 mm.