Compact Antenna

The HW Series 1/2-wave center-fed dipole antennas and 1/4-wave monopole antennas are now available with standard SMA connector terminations. HW Series antennas are ideal for applications requiring a compact, low-cost antenna solution. These antennas attach using an FCC-compliant RP-SMA connector or the newly available standard SMA connector. Alternate connectors and custom colors are available for volume OEM orders. The antennas are available in standard center frequencies of 315, 418, 433, 868 and 916 MHz. The 868 and 916 MHz versions are 1/2-wave center-fed dipoles, while the 315, 418 and 433 MHz are all 1/4 wave monopoles. HW Series antennas are immediately available at $4.98 in volume quantities.

Antenna Factor
Merlin, OR
(800) 489-1634
RS No. 216

Reference Antenna

Cobham Sensor Systems - Baltimore announces model 15RH1, a broadband linear horn gain reference antenna that operates in the frequency range of 0.75 to 3 GHz, has a VSWR of 2:1 maximum and nominal gain of 6 to 16 dBi. This antenna is primarily used in test chambers to accelerate gain measurements and minimize set-up errors. Units can be supplied with measured gain curve for enhanced gain accuracy over calculated values. Typical gain accuracy is better than 0.3 dB over the band of operation. Model 15RH1 is designed to meet NRL Report 4433 requirements.

Cobham Sensor Systems–Sensor Electronics
Baltimore, MD
(410) 542-1700
RS No. 217

Comb Generator

This comb generator is a complete system including power supply, synthesizer and comb generator head. It covers a wide input frequency range and has low input power requirement of only 0 dBm. The output harmonics reach up to 18 GHz. It is applicable with an internal (100 to 200 MHz) or an external synthesizer (30 MHz to 4 GHz). The features include two ECL compatible outputs, 400 kHz tuning step size and PC interface (serial/USB). It can be used for a wide range of applications like frequency multipliers, signal generators, EMC source, UWB applications and FMCW radars.

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH
Stolberg, Germany
+49 2402/9749764
RS No. 218

Power Detector

This new 54 dB Log detector/controller is primarily targeted to high volume automotive, broadband, cellular/3G and WiMAX/4G applications between 50 MHz and 8 GHz. The HMC713LP3E Logarithmic Detector/Controller is fabricated using a SiGe BiCMOS process and converts RF signals at its input to a proportional DC voltage at its output. The HMC713LP3E delivers 54 dB dynamic range up to 2700 MHz with ±1 dB accuracy. At input frequencies from 3.9 to 8 GHz, dynamic ranges up to 49 dB are achievable with ±1 dB accuracy. Stability over the -40° to +85°C operating temperature range is outstanding, while input return loss is better than 10 dB across the entire operating frequency range. The HMC713LP3E can also be used in the controller mode, making it ideal for applications such as RF transmitter power amplifier control, RSSI measurement in cellular base stations, radio links and radar.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343
RS No. 219

Noise Instrument

NoiseWave announces the immediate availability of the NW18G-MI noise instrument. The unit is a manual Additive White Gaussian Noise generator that features broadband frequency coverage from 2 to 18 GHz. Power out is -14 dBm and the unit features a flatness of ±2.5 dB. The NW18G-MI operates from standard line voltages. Applications for this instrument include system and component wireless testing, signal simulation, VSAT, defense and aerospace related testing.

NoiseWave Corp.
East Hanover, NJ
(973) 386-1119
RS No. 220

Low Phase Noise Oscillator

Model OSC049 is a multiplied crystal base source. This oscillator utilizes a fifth overtone SC cut crystal within a low-profile package that maintains excellent frequency stability of ±1 ppm maximum (±0.5 ppm typical) over -40° to +85°C at 400 MHz output. The device offers low-g sensitivity of 3 × 10-10 /g; a noise floor of -156 dBc/Hz; and SSB phase noise performance of: -116 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz; -145 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz; -150 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz; -154 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz and -155 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz. This model is ideal for electronic warfare, C4ISR as well as radar applications.

TRAK Microwave Corp.
Tampa, FL
(813) 901-7200
RS No. 221

Four-way Power Divider

Model 3326B-4 is a four-way power divider that operates from 6 to 18 GHz and features precise phase and amplitude balance, high port-to-port isolation, and low input VSWR. The power divider is well suited for a broad array of commercial and military applications. The model 3326B-4 offers insertion loss of less than 2 dB, isolation of at least 18 dB, and input and output VSWR of less than 1.5:1 or less. Amplitude balance is maintained to 0.5 dB or less and phase balance is maintained to 7° or better. It can handle an average RF input power of 30 W into a VSWR of 1.2:1 or less and up to 10 W into a 2:1 VSWR. The Model 3326B-4 measures 4.3" × 1.4" × 0.5" and has Type-N female connectors.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 231-1700
RS No. 229


3 GHz SMA Attenuators

These low cost attenuators operate to 3 GHz and are designed for commercial applications where price is the primary concern. The AS398 series is RoHS compliant and is rated for use to 1 W maximum power. These SMA attenuators are priced below $6 in production quantities and are an excellent choice for in-building wireless applications. Standard attenuation values of 1-10, 15 and 20 dB versions are available.

Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 426-5553
RS No. 222

6 to 10 GHz Bandpass Filters

AKON Inc.’s line of high selectivity bandpass filters includes model number A65-MH002. This filter offers a 6 to 10 GHz passband, with less than 1.0 dB insertion loss, 2.0:1 or better VSWR, +40 dBm maximum power handling capability and -70 dB stopband minimum, all in a 2.9" × 0.58" × 0.50" package.

San Jose, CA
(408) 432-8039
RS No. 223

RF Coaxial Terminations

ANOISON Elec tronics announ-ces the introduction of a full line of RF coaxial terminations. Included are terminations with SMA, QMA, Mini-QMA, 2.92 mm, TNC, N, HPQN and 7/16 interfaces. Frequency ranges are offered from DC to 40 GHz with power up to 5 W as standard products. Custom configurations are available on request.

ANOISON Electronics
Portsmouth, NH
(603) 431-0651
RS No. 224

Chip Attenuator

EMC Technology introduces a new fixed attenuator TS07XXF, in a SMT planar style chip design. This new TS07XXF offers a small 0805 package size and has excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz. The TS07XXF is packaged on 1,000 piece tape and reels for high volume, pick & place and targeted for Telecom and WiMAX applications. The TS07XXF attenuator is available in values of 1 through 10 dB in one dB increments and handles an operating temperature range of -55° to +125°C. This cost-effective attenuator handles 100 mW of input power. The planar style chip size is 0.080" × 0.050". All values of the TS07XXF are available and are RoHS compliant.

EMC Technology
Stuart, FL
(772) 286-9300
RS No. 225

Downconverting Mixers

This LTC554x family of four new high dynamic range downconverting mixers covers the 700 MHz to 4 GHz wireless infrastructure frequency range. The LTC554x mixers offer outstanding IIP3 of 26 dBm, low noise figures of 9 to 10 dB and high conversion gain of 8 dB, enabling excellent dynamic range performance for both main receivers and digital predistortion receivers. The LTC554x family of mixers provides best-in-class capability to maintain a low noise figure in the presence of strong blocking interferers, and significantly enhancing receiver sensitivity and robustness. The LTC554x family operates on a single 3.3 V supply without compromising performance, while reducing power consumption by 34 percent compared to the closest competing solution.

Linear Technology
Milpitas, CA
(408) 432-1900
RS No. 226

Low Pass Filter

The 7LPX-R18000-S is a bi-directional low pass filter. The insertion loss is 2.0 dB maximum from 200 MHz to 18 GHz. The VSWR is 2.0:1 from 200 MHz to 18 GHz. The filter provides 35 dB rejection at 22 GHz and 55 dB rejection from 26 to 30 GHz. The physical size is 0.81" × 0.450" × 0.38" excluding SMA female removable connectors.

Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100
RS No. 227

Drop-in Isolators

These two drop-in isolators are designed for the 921 to 960 and 1805 to 1880 MHz bands. The isolators offer 55 dB isolation over the whole frequency band, allowing OEM manufacturers to specify a single device for double isolation. For both isolators, insertion loss is better than 0.5 dB, and the VSWR is less than 1.14:1 over the operating temperature range of 0 to +85°C. These dual-junction devices are also available in many other frequency ranges. Dimensions: 2.17" × 1.25" × 0.36".

M2 Global Technology Ltd.
San Antonio, TX
(210) 561-4800
RS No. 228

QFN Packaged Up-converter

This 37 to 40 GHz GaAs MMIC up-converter integrates an image reject balanced mixer, LO buffer amplifier, LO doubler and RF buffer amplifier within a fully molded 4×4 mm QFN package. This RoHS compliant, packaged up-converter has an input third order intercept point (IIP3) of +20 dBm, a conversion gain of 7 dB and an image rejection of greater than 15 dBc. The device can be tuned to give 2xLO leakage of less than -25 dBm; variable gain regulation can be achieved by adjusting the bias, with turn-down trajectories optimized to maintain linearity and minimal 2xLO leakage over the gain control range. The XU1019-QH is well suited for point-to-point (PTP) radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

Mimix Broadband Inc.
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600
RS No. 244

Crystal Filter

NIC introduces a 200 MHz Crystal filter used for spectrum clean up purposes in clock/timing applications. These filters are designed to reduce noise and other unwanted frequencies around a desired signal. Features include: a fundamental frequency Crystal filter; hermetic package complying with MIL-STD-202; small package size; custom designs of fundamental frequency Crystal filters available up to 250 MHz; and custom package configurations—connectorized, surface-mount and PC mount packages are available.

Networks International Corp.
Overland Park, KS
(913) 685-3400
RS No. 230

Eight-way Power Divider

Pulsar P/N PS8-16-454/8S is a new eight-way power divider covering the frequency range of 0.5 to 18 GHz with 16 dB isolation, 6.5 dB insertion loss and an input/output VSWR of 1.6:1. Maximum amplitude and phase balances are 1.2 and 15 degrees, respectively. Outline dimensions are 6.0" × 6.36" × 0.4". SMA female connectors are standard.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
Clifton, NJ
(973) 779-6262
RS No. 231

Bandpass Filter

Reactel part number 6C9-1621.25-X10.5T11 is a bandpass filter for the Iridium band. This unit is specifically designed with a narrow bandwidth and high rejection to isolate Iridium frequencies from outside interference due to Inmarsat systems. This unit can be outfitted with any RF connector you may desire. Please contact the factory for this or any other Iridium filter requirement that you have.

Reactel Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660
RS No. 232

Hermetically Sealed Switch

The hermetically sealed components require stringent quality control metrics and attention to detail. The test and assembly process is much more complex than the company’s standard design. The 100 percent leak testing ensures a precision high reliability component that meets MIL-STD 202 method 112E. These current production components have seen increased demand in mission critical applications. The Renaissance RSMH series of switches offer the same dependability of its standard design in a hermetic laser welded package. All seals are glass to metal or metal to metal. These SPDT switches are laser welded in an argon environment (< 50 ppm moisture) and will operate at -55° to +85°C.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.
Harvard, MA
(978) 772-7774
RS No. 233

Low Pass Filters

RLC Electronics now offers 4th order tubular Bessel low pass filters with 3 dB cutoffs from 1 to 22 GHz. Computer design and tubular construction allow RLC to maintain excellent group delay characteristics with reasonable rejection while extending its 3 dB cutoff approaching 30 Giga bits. These filters should be regarded as compromise designs for pulsed systems where truthful reproduction of the pulse shape is important. Primarily used on lightwave receivers to reduce the impact of higher order distortion and noise. These high frequency filters are essential for today’s high bit rate applications.

RLC Electronics Inc.
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334
RS No. 234

Bundled Cable Products

Times Microwave Systems has developed a series of bundled cable products that are uniquely suited to WiMAX deployments using Alvarion BreezeMAX® equipment. These systems require four small coaxial cable runs per sector (typically LMR-240). Times LMR®-BC240-4 cable offers considerable labor savings over individual runs. It also adds mechanical protection and eliminates the potential for crossed cables since each inner cable is labeled every six inches along its length. This cable is very flexible, has an internal rip cord to assist with the removal of the outer jacket and can be deployed using standard ½" cable accessories.

Times Microwave Systems
Wallingford, CT
(203) 949-8400
RS No. 235


GaN Broadband Power Amplifier

Model SSPA 1.71-1.88-69 is a high power, Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier that operates from 1710 to 1880 MHz minimum and is packaged in a very compact, high performance package. This amplifier is designed for operation in harsh environments. Typical output power is 70 W across the band at P3dB. Small-signal gain is 53 to 54 dB across the band typically. Power added efficiency in saturation is typically 40 to 50 percent across the band. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. This unit is equipped with DC switching circuitry that enables and disables the RF devices inside the amplifier in 2000 ns typical for turn on and 5000 ns typical for turn off time.

Aethercomm Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 208-6002
RS No. 236

Solid-state Power Amplifier

The Empower RF model BBM2E4ALP 125 W rugged solid-state power amplifier module operates in a frequency range from 20 to 1000 MHz. The BBM2E4ALP high-power RF amplifier module is the latest in compact high-output broadband amplifier technology. The amplifier is compact at less than 6.75 inches long and 1.25-inch thick, has high gain (51 dB) and excellent linearity. It is built within a ruggedized CNC-machined housing for use in the most extreme conditions.

Empower RF Systems Inc.
Inglewood, CA
(310) 412-8100
RS No. 238

100 W Power Amplifier

Microwave Solutions announced its latest addition to its solid-state power amplifiers series, Model MSD-2X0X901-GC. With an operating frequency of 1.5 to 1.6 GHz, this PA has 100 W saturated output power with input power as low as -12 dBm. It offers 20 dB of gain control, precision RF power out detector circuitry and temperature compensation. This PA is also available in bandwidth range of 20 percent from 800 MHz to 2.1 GHz with saturated output power up to 150 W.

Microwave Solutions Inc.
National City, CA
(619) 474-7500
RS No. 239

Low Noise Amplifier

The TAMP-72LN+ (RoHS compliant) is a low noise amplifier (LNA) that utilizes advanced E-PHEMT technology in a single stage low noise amplifier design built into a shielded case (size: 0.591" × 0.394" × 0.118"). The drop-in module offers low noise figure and moderate gain with good input and output return loss over the entire frequency range and without the need of external matching components. The LNA operates in a frequency range from 400 to 700 MHz, offers IP3 of 36 dBm typical, low noise figure of 1.0 dB typical and integrated bias matching and stability circuits. Price: $11.95 (Qty. 5-49).

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500
RS No. 240

COFDM Power Amplifiers

Stealth Microwave introduces the SM4450-37HS, a GaAs FET amplifier designed for COFDM video transmission in military bands. The unit operates from 4.4 to 5.0 GHz with a minimum P1dB and OIP3 of +37 and +48 dBm, respectively. Twenty to 38 dB of gain is available with a flatness of ±0.75 dB across the band. Standard features include a single +12 V DC supply, thermal protection with auto reset, and over/reverse voltage protection. In module form, the unit measures 4.7" × 2" × 0.54"; an integral heatsink is also available. This amplifier is also available in lab unit and 19" rack configurations.

Stealth Microwave Inc.
Trenton, NJ
(609) 538-8586
RS No. 241


Solder Bonding

Custom Assembly has developed a more efficient way to solder high power circuit boards. Using a single-pass reflow solder process, Custom Assembly can bond copper plate ground planes and components all at once, saving time and reducing costs. Features include: minimal solder voids; quick and efficient single-pass process; ability to accommodate low-volume production runs and is a cost effective solution.

Custom Assembly LLC
Wood Dale, IL
(630) 595-4855
RS No. 242

RF Shielding Products

Duplex CSA shielding products are designed to protect sensitive components from RF electromagnetic radiation by keeping it contained inside or sealed out of a device. In partnership with its metalwork division, Duplex has made a major investment in the design and fabrication of custom shielding products that complement its RF connector portfolio. This means Duplex can offer fast turnaround from design to delivery of completed components. Duplex can deliver solutions ranging from a single piece shield to complex multi compartment cases with snap on covers. An idea can be turned into reality quickly, utilizing a range of standard features that are tooled and ready to use. Prototypes and production runs can be produced with minimum tooling costs using photo etching techniques.

Duplex CSA Ltd.
Cambridgeshire, UK
+44 1480 406206
RS No. 237


Switch and Attenuator Diodes

This suite of surface-mount PIN diode switch elements and attenuator diodes are designed for high volume pick and place applications. These control devices are delivered in plastic SMT packages with standard 31 mils high bodies. Their performance and mechanicals allow them to be easily dropped into existing designs. Aeroflex/Metelics’ MS-family of medium and high power PIN diode SPST switch elements are available in series (SE), shunt (SH) and series shunt (SS) configurations, and offer maximum frequency options ranging from 1 to 10 GHz. Ten models are available that offer maximum rated power from 5 to 50 W, insertion losses at 1 GHz ranging from 0.15 through 0.40 dB and isolation at 1 GHz of 10 through 63 dB.

Sunnyvale, CA
(888) 641-7364
RS No. 243


Phase-locked Oscillators

Serving as an augmentation of its standard product line, EM Research now introduces its LX-Series of fixed-frequency phase-locked oscillators and serially-programmable frequency synthesizers with optional internal references. The series is available fixed or in bands over the frequency range 50 MHz to 6 GHz with frequency stability of ±5 ppm (standard) or ±2.5 ppm (optional). It operates over the temperature range of -30° to +70°C with output power of +7 dBm ±2 dB, 50 Ohms. The oscillators feature low harmonics (<-20 dBc, typical), low spurs (<-60 dBc, typical) and exceptionally low phase noise characteristics (-105 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz, typical – Fout = 2.45 GHz). Supply voltage is +3.3, +5 or +8 V DC at 70 mA (typical). Housed in a miniature (0.75" × 0.75" × 0.15") surface-mount package, the LX Series is ideally used as a local oscillator in ISM Band up/down converter applications or as a system high frequency reference.

EM Research Inc.
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411
RS No. 245

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The MW500-1828 is a 1/2" hermetic package voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a fixed tuning of 1200 MHz from 2 to 4 V tuning using a 5 V supply. This VCO’s rugged hermetic packaging makes it suitable in a range of military and other demanding applications. Output power is +8 dBm ±2 dBm across the band over temperature while using less than 40 mA of current.

Micronetics Inc.
Hudson, NH
(603) 546-4167
RS No. 246

GPS Frequency Reference

The E8-Y/E8000 is a GPS controlled frequency and timing source providing very low noise 10 MHz and 1 PPS timing mark, both synchronized to GPS time. Accurate and stable signals, locked to GPS are traceable, calibration free outputs that are without drift. The 10 MHz very low distortion sine wave 50 , +12 dBm output has < 50 dBc harmonics and < 75 dBc spurii. Stability is 8 × 10-13/s, accuracy is × 10M-13 long term and phase noise is -110 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz offset. A noise floor of -156 dBc/Hz is exhibited and holdover is provided in the event of GPS signal failure. The 1 PPS output is 5 V CMOS with 4 ns standard deviation and measured RMS jitter is approximately 7 ns.

Quartzlock (UK) Ltd.
Totnes, UK
+44 (0) 1803 862062
RS No. 249

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model ZRO1860A1LF is an RoHS compliant voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) in L-band. The ZRO1860A1LF operates at 1860 MHz with a tuning voltage range of 0.5 to 4.5 V DC. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -118 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and a typical tuning sensitivity of 5 MHz/V. The ZRO1860A1LF is designed to deliver a typical output power of 3 dBm at 5 V DC supply while drawing 25 mA (typical) over the temperature range of -40° to 85°C. This VCO features typical second harmonic suppression of -25 dBc and comes in Z-Comm's standard MINI-16-SM package measuring 0.5" × 0.5" × 0.22".

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700
RS No. 247

Test Equipment

Pulse Generator

Model AVRF-7A-B is a fast high voltage pulse generator that generates amplitudes of up to 750 V, with 7.5 ns rise and fall times. The pulse width is variable from 0.15 to 10 us. The maximum PRF is 10 kHz, and the maximum duty cycle is 0.1 percent. Switchable polarity is optional. IEEE-488.2GPIB/RS-232 control.

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(613) 686-6675
RS No. 248

Comb Generator

The CG1000 series comb generator provides a combline of CW outputs up to 26 GHz. Picket sizes of 500, 750 and 1000 MHz are available. A TCXO, PLO and integrated amplifier are all included in the compact design.

Syntonic Microwave
Mountain View, CA
(650) 264-7884
RS No. 250

Spectrum Analyzers

This new 8853 series of 3 GHz spectrum analyzers is designed for the broadcast and wireless markets. This new series of spectrum analyzers has a wireless option package that includes channel power, adjacent channel power (ACP) and Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF) for testing CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, 1x EV-DO and WiMAX. The new 8853 series from Trilithic allows wireless operators to put sophisticated analysis and troubleshooting capability in the hands of a wider range of technicians.

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 895-3600
RS No. 251