Sweden's TeliaSonera recently announced that it has rolled out the world's first 4G mobile service, partnering with wireless provider Ericsson to offer commercial services in Stockholm. The carrier also this week deployed the first commercial LTE network in Oslo, Norway, partnering with Huawei for the task.

So-called '4G' or fourth-generation networks, built on technologies such as LTE or WiMAX, allow customers to use network services such as advanced Web TV broadcasting, extensive online gaming and web conferences on their laptops with high transmission speed and capacity.

Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO of Ericsson comments, "The new era of mobile broadband has just begun today. With LTE, so-called 4G, your mobile broadband experience is moving to unequalled levels. The LTE speed gives you an absolutely effortless feeling of broadband access."

"The use of mobile broadband in the Nordic countries is exploding and customers need higher speeds and capacity. This is why we launched 4G services in both Stockholm and Oslo, Norway," says Kenneth Karlberg, President and Head of Mobility Services. "Being first out with new technology gives us unique experience that we can use on all our markets. We will continue the roll-out to offer our customers new communication services for the future."

Yu Chengdong, President of Huawei Europe said, "In partnership with TeliaSonera, Huawei began this journey eleven months ago to introduce the world’s most advanced mobile broadband technology to the residents of Oslo. This milestone, which was achieved in a short period of time, reflects Huawei’s unwavering commitment towards accelerating the commercialization of LTE/SAE solutions. Operators such as TeliaSonera, are now able to fully realize economic benefits from the many new applications that can only be made possible with ultra broadband services."

TeliaSonera’s two 4G city networks cover the city areas of Stockholm and Oslo and will be used for mobile data. TeliaSonera has three nationwide 4G/LTE licenses: Sweden, Norway and Finland. The network rollout is in progress to offer 4G to Sweden's and Norway's largest cities.

The Stockholm 4G city network is supplied by Ericsson. The Oslo 4G city network is supplied by Huawei. The modems at launch come from Samsung. Evaluation of suppliers for TeliaSonera's common 4G core network and radio networks in the Nordic and Baltic countries is in progress and vendors will be selected in the beginning of 2010.