Remcom announces a new partnership with a computer supplier to provide custom XFdtd® systems and brand name hardware solutions to customers. Link Computer Corp., Bellwood, PA, has created a hardware solution designed to fully exploit XFdtd’s graphics processing unit (GPU) capability. Outfitted with the latest in GPU technology, this system further extends Remcom’s efforts to enable customers to deliver products faster and more cost effectively. To offer customers more options, Remcom may add solutions from other vendors as the program grows.

With their extensive background providing hardware, software and business solutions, Link was uniquely positioned to create a customized Remcom-certified system (RCS) capable of the superior performance Remcom was seeking. Link is certified to sell and support the RCS as well as all major brands including NVIDIA, HP, Dell and Microsoft.

“The challenge presented to us by Remcom was exciting -- to engineer the ultimate computer for maximum efficiency of their software. With our roots in software development and hardware, we understand the nature of Remcom’s mission and can combine that with our expertise in providing custom solutions to customers,” said Tim Morder, Link’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Link’s customized solution optimizes XFdtd’s performance by building the recommended GPUs directly into the product. The system is available with either two or four NVIDIA CUDA-enabled Tesla series or Quadro FX GPUs. This hardware, when combined with Remcom’s XStream® GPU technology, provides customers with a complete solution for speeding EM simulation performance and decreasing design time.

“Our focus is to continually find creative ways to get our customers’ products to market faster than any other EM simulation software provider,” said Stephen Fast, President of Remcom. “Customers responded to the announcement about our GPU acceleration technology with excitement and requests for help in choosing the most optimal computer system to make the most of it. While a custom-engineered system is not necessary, we wanted to eliminate extra steps for those users that prefer additional computer power, allowing them to get up and running with the right tool and to optimize the performance of our products in as little time as possible. We chose Link to provide a convenient, all-in-one solution based on their expertise, longevity, and reputation for providing excellent and responsive support.”