Interpreting Surveys; Broadening Your Digital Footprint

January 5, 2010

Letter From the Editor

Interpreting Surveys

David Vye, Editor, Microwave Journal

Surveys can be interesting critters. They either reinforce or disprove one's beliefs, which in turn leads to great clarity or confusion about how to proceed. The devil is in the detail when it comes to conducting a survey and interpreting the results. First of all, ask yourself - Is this information meaningful and reliable? Then ask - How does this information impact my goals and how I might achieve that goal? I bring this up because I have recently read two separate surveys with interesting results. The first survey was BtoB Magazine's 2010 Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans Survey, the other was from Microwave Journal readers.

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Marketing Tips & Trends

Broadening Your Digital Footprint with Video
Jaime Leger, SLN

No doubt you have probably heard a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) and that creating and publishing unique and valuable content is an important part in driving visitors to your website. Did you realize that there are ways to optimize your video content as well? Like traditional SEO, video search engine optimization (VSEO) can enhance your organic search engine results; like SEO there are best practices in optimizing your search rankings.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet
Pat Hindle

One of the latest social networking sites taking hold in the business world is Twitter. How can it be used for everyday marketing? See some examples of how progressive companies are using Twitter and some tips for getting started to promote their products and services including trade show events and happenings.

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Upcoming Editorial & Webinars

Aligning Your Message: February, March and April 2010
A look at upcoming editorial

In February, our "High Frequency Components, Boards and Systems" issue will look at board-level microwave design, which includes single and multi-layer PCBs, hybrids, modules, MCM, LTCC and RF SiPs. Board-level system/subsystem integrators will be our audience. Discrete and MMIC/RFIC component manufacturers, package and material vendors, circuit-board fabrication, assembly and test equipment providers will all benefit from appearing in this issue.

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Your Products on Display: 24/7

The Vendor View is a virtual storefront - a sponsored, company specific micro-site within the Microwave Journal Buyer's Guide, giving your company premium exposure in all relevant product categories, 24/7. It moves your company to the top of the search results and provides engineers with one-stop access to your company's news releases, product announcements, white papers, literature, articles, events and multimedia presentations. Users can link directly to your website or email an RFQ, generating high quality sales leads instantly.
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Trade Show Planning 2010

Trade shows are one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and prospects. In a comprehensive 2008 survey, Trade Show Trends, conducted by Exhibit Surveys Inc., the average exhibitor was spending $159 per attendee, "up $30 or 19 percent from 2006 when they spent an average of $129."
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