Amplifiers are the heart of most transmitter designs and play a vital role in the development of high-performance, low cost and efficient designs. Inder Bahl is one of the industry’s most respected experts in microwave design and has authored or co-authored over 150 papers and 12 books. In his most recent work he outlines the keys to successful transistor amplifier design from his 28 years of experience in the industry.

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Transistor Amplifiers covers a comprehensive treatment of RF and microwave low-noise and power amplifier circuits including low noise, narrowband, broadband, linear, high power, high efficiency and high voltage. The topics include modeling, analysis, design, packaging, and thermal and fabrication considerations. Amplifier related design problems range from matching networks to biasing and stability, including examples to understand the concepts presented.

The book has 22 chapters covering basic principles, analysis, techniques and designs used in transistor amplifiers, and provide the foundation for the analysis and design of RF and microwave transistor amplifiers. Design procedures and examples are provided in each chapter including technical information and remarks on the most widely used microwave techniques. This book contains enough material for one year at the senior or graduate level including a set of problems in most chapters. Anyone reading this book should have some basic knowledge of solid state devices, theory of transmission lines, circuit theory and electromagnetics.

The unique features of this book include in-depth study of transistor amplifiers, extensive design equations and figures, treatment of the practical aspects of amplifier circuits, and description of fabrication technologies. It provides a broad view of solid state transistor amplifiers and covers essential background material in the fundamentals of amplifier design including both theoretical and practical aspects. RF and microwave circuits using Si bipolar and CMOS technologies have made tremendous progress in recent years, but are only covered on a limited scope in this book.
This book is recommended to anyone who wants to learn about amplifier design or master amplifier design techniques. The author’s broad and extensive experience in the field enables him to clearly outline the keys to successful transistor amplifier design.

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