Cobham SATCOM, a manufacturer of Inmarsat satellite communications equipment, announced that the HGA-7001 High Gain Antenna subsystem has been certified on the Airbus A320 (Single Aisle) family of airframes.

This complements an ever growing range of airframes on which the system is deployed and confirms the general appeal and acceptance that this product enjoys in the aeronautical market. Cobham also confirmed the first deliveries of this product to Airbus for installation on airline aircraft.

The HGA-7001 antenna subsystem is part of Cobham SATCOM’s extensive range of market leading antennas (comprising of the HGA-8000/7000/6500/6000 and IGA-5001/5006) and sets new standards in drag reduction, weight, compactness and power requirements for aircraft connectivity systems.

“We are very happy to conclude this phase of our contract with Airbus and look forward to the next phase that will address the Long Range airframes (A330/A340 family),” said Pete Raby, Vice President of Cobham SATCOM.

Cobham SATCOM also produces a compact and modular SwiftBroadband product range that enables the full power of connectivity whilst airborne, including internet, e-mail, VPN, fax and telephony, with configuration options to fit virtually every aircraft from VLJs and up.