Saab has entered into a partnership with Thai company Avia Satcom Co. Ltd. to form a joint venture for developing high technology products within aviation and defense. The new company, Avia Saab Technologies, will initially focus on the development of a National Tactical Datalink in the Gripen fighter, which has been ordered by the Royal Thai Air Force.

The company is to be based in Bangkok, Thailand, and the joint venture will offer locally developed products for the Thai Armed Forces and the export market. It will also bring investments and leading-edge technology to the country and create highly advanced job opportunities for Thai professionals.

“This is really special for Thailand,” said Kajohnsak Watanangura, Avia Satcom’s Manager responsible for the joint venture program. “Firstly, the technology transferred must be developed further before it can be incorporated into the product. This definitely calls for employees who are highly technologically competent, which Thailand has, and over time the skill levels will rise even further.”