VTI Instruments Corp. announced the release of the EX1200-7416, a transient capture and timestamp module that further extends the capabilities of its popular EX1200 series of configurable LXI Class A instruments. With a rich feature set, it supports a broad range of applications that require level comparison, event detection and time stamping.

"The EX1200-7416 is ideal for applications like power supply monitoring where it is critical to detect out-of-tolerance conditions that require immediate intervention," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "It can be combined with other EX1200 plug-ins to create a versatile, multifunction instrument that can be used in a variety of data acquisition and test applications."

The EX1200-7416 has 16 input channels and can continuously monitor a variety of high-level analog and discrete signals up to 100 V. Each channel has an 8-bit DAC that can be independently programmed to set the trip level. The EX1200-7416 can detect transients that cannot normally be captured by a typical DMM or scanning measurement system. As part of the EX1200 LXI Class A instrument series, this module can also record events with IEEE 1588 time codes to provide a precise correlation of event/time data.