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Industry News / Passive Components

The Puzzler - November 2009

November 1, 2009
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Passive Components

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MWJ November Puzzler

Download the Puzzler (PDF)


5 A circuit that is designed to propagate signals of a desired frequency or frequency interval and to reject all other signals
7 Frequency-dependent impedance that is capable of storing but not dissipating energy
9 A component that transfers electric energy by magnetic induction from one circuit to another, usually with a change in voltage or current
11 A transformer circuit that couples a balanced transmission line to an unbalanced transmission line
12 A filter that only allows frequencies above a cut-off frequency to pass (3 words)
13 Resonator consisting of free-space rings of metal with a gap that prevents them from being a complete ring (3 words)
15 The property of a circuit or component that tends to oppose changes in current due to the magnetic field that is a result of the current itself
17 A measure of how much better a material is as a path for magnetic flux as compared to free space
18 The difference in power, expressed in dB, between the input level and output level when a unit is in high loss condition
19 The vector ratio of voltage to current, the reciprocal of admittance
20 A class of multiport components that directs the majority of an incident signal to the output port and the remainder of the signal to other ports


1 Arbitrary shaped structure etched into the ground plane which disturbs the shield current distribution (3 words)
2 A circuit that splits the power of an input signal into two or more locations without producing impedance mismatch (2 words)
3 A reactive circuit that rejects signals whose frequencies are outside of its passband 3 dB point frequencies and propagates signals whose frequencies are within the 3 dB point frequencies (3 words)
4 Technology for transmitting information spread over a large bandwidth, typically >500 MHz (3 words)
6 Artificial materials engineered to provide properties that may not be readily available in nature typically with negative index properties
8 Frequency where signal transmission between input and output is stopped (2 words)
10 A transmission line structure that splits an input signal into two or more equal phase output signals (2 words)
14 The ratio between the amplitude of the output signal of a device or circuit compared to the amplitude of its input signal (2 words)
16 The frequency interval that is propagated through a filter with minimum insertion loss


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