Celcite Management Solutions, a provider of network optimization tools for wireless networks, is expanding its activity in the rapidly-developing African markets, focused on the deployment of Customized Optimization and Self Performing Solutions (COPS), the company’s flagship, multi-suite, multi-technology, vendor agnostic, network optimization solution. To facilitate this expansion, the company has signed agreements with local partners to provide solutions in various regions in Africa.

COPS uses Automatic Intelligence Correlation (AICT) in the form of embedded engineering expertise to provide automatic root cause analysis and executable solutions. It has been developed to bring about a paradigm shift from 'person centric' to 'automation centric' network optimization and management techniques.

COPS has extensive data processing capabilities that enable over 8 million automatic daily optimization checks and triggers for a typical mobile network with 10,000 sites. It provides automatic prioritization of issues and analysis/solution for these issues by correlation of available data sources. Currently, engineers have to toggle between multiple tools and home-grown macros to come up with analysis/solution. By using COPS, savings of up to 70 percent of the time spent by optimization engineers for daily optimization tasks are possible.

"COPS is already helping 3G and GSM operators manage over 125,000 multi-vendor, multi-technology sectors with substantial improvements in efficiency, resulting in reduced OPEX spending as well as better network quality," said Rahul Sharma, CEO and President of Celcite. "Now the expansion into the African region increases the global reach of Celcite to provide solutions in a very highly competitive growing market with substantially lower ARPU."