NoiseWave announces the immediate availability of the NW18G-MI Noise Instrument. The unit is a manual Additive White Gaussian Noise generator that features broadband frequency coverage from 2 to 18 GHz. Power out is -14 dBm and the unit features a flatness of ± 2.5 dB. The NW18G-MI operates from standard line voltages.

Applications for this instrument include system and component wireless testing, signal simulation, VSAT, defense and aerospace related testing. The relatively high output power and broadband coverage allow the NW18G-M to be used in multiple applications and as an economical source for bit error rate telecommunication testing.

The unit is supplied in a half rack case or in a table top version and comes with a front panel rotary attenuator to vary the output level. The NW18G-MI is economically priced and delivery is typically from stock to four weeks ARO. Other output levels and frequency ranges are also available.