Rogers Corp. will display a number of its innovative and practical materials solutions for microelectronics packaging and production at the upcoming IMAPS 2009 Conference and Exhibition in San Jose, CA (November 3-5, 2009, at the San Jose Convention Center). Rogers will be represented by both its Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACM) and its Thermal Management Solutions (TMS) Division at IMAPS 2009, a leading event devoted to microelectronics packaging solutions.

Rogers’ representatives will be at IMAPS 2009 (Booth 1024) to offer guidance on the optimum use of their packaging materials. Rogers ACM Division will show its RO4003™, RO4350B™, RO4450F™, RO2800®/R02808™, and RO4000® LoPro™ materials. TMS products on hand will include COOLSPAN™ and HEATWAVE™ thermal-management solutions.

Rogers RO2800 and RO2808 laminates are low-profile substrates with consistent dielectric-constant characteristics, suitable replacements for LTCC in low-cost, high-performance packages. Rogers RO4000 glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates, which include RO4003C™ (dielectric constant of 3.38) and RO4350B (dielectric constant of 3.48) laminates as well as FR-4 compatible RO4450F prepreg materials, combine excellent high-frequency performance with ease of fabrication. RO4000 materials can be processed into multilayer packaging solutions without special plated-through-hole (PTH) treatments or handling procedures.

Rogers ACM Division will also be showcasing its RO4000 LoPro circuit laminates for high-speed digital and high-frequency analog applications and its ULTRALAM® 3000 laminates and bondply materials. RO4000 LoPro laminates combine a low-profile copper foil and low-loss dielectric material for low insertion loss, low PIM, and excellent signal integrity in compact packaging solutions. ULTRALAM 3000 laminates and bondply materials feature low loss, excellent dimensional stability, high reliability, and high yield for cost-effective packaging solutions.

Rogers TMS Division will provide examples of its many integrated thermal-management solutions at IMAPS 2009, including COOLSPAN™ thermal interface materials (TIM) and HEATWAVE™ metal matrix composites (MMC). COOLSPAN thermal grease, available in industry standard configurations to produce thin bond lines down to .002” and thermal conductivity of 5 to 6 W/mK, is ideal for packaging applications requiring effective dissipation of heat away from devices. HEATWAVE AlSiC MMCs, with thermal conductivities from 170 to 230 W/m/K, provide the widest available range of tailored coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) performance in light-weight solutions for packaging such devices as power semiconductors and high-power amplifiers.