Mimix Broadband Inc. introduces a linear power amplifier (PA) with an integrated, temperature compensated, on-chip power detector, which is offered in an RoHS compliant 7x7 mm QFN-style package, making the device easy to install and handle in volume applications. This power amplifier, identified as XP1080-QU, covers 37 to 40 GHz and delivers +27 dBm P1dB compression point and +38 dBm OIP3. The XP1080-QU has 25 dB small-signal gain and is ideal for wireless communications applications such as point-to-point (PTP) microwave radio.

"The XP1080-QU delivers exceptional OIP3 performance in the 38 GHz PTP radio band," said David Richardson, Product Line Director, Mimix Broadband Inc. "It completes the 38 GHz up-converter/driver amplifier/power amplifier Mimix SmartSet solution, all in surface-mount technology (SMT) packages. The complete chipset allows radio designers to implement a high performance, low cost 38 GHz transmit stage, which can be fully assembled in standard SMT assembly lines."