WiFi/WiMAX Power Dividers

BroadWave Technologies has expanded its WiFi/WiMAX power divider offering to include four-, six- and eight-way configurations. Model series 151-215-XXX are 50 Ohm, DC to 6 GHz, 1 W units with SMA female connectors. Insertion loss is 1 dB nominal for the four-way configuration across the DC to 6 GHz frequency range. The six- and eight-way configurations’ insertion loss is 1 dB nominal DC to 5 GHz and 1.6 dB nominal 5 to 6 GHz. Maximum VSWR for four-, six- and eight-way configurations is 1.50:1. BroadWave also manufactures model 151-173-002, which is a two-way DC to 6 GHz power divider with SMA female connectors. These devices are ideal for dividing signals for in-building wireless, WiFi, WiMAX, Defense, Homeland Security and Public Safety systems. Weather resistant units and other connector types are also available.

BroadWave Technologies Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 888-8316


RS No. 216

Cable Assemblies

These LMR® cable assemblies feature low VSWR. Measured performance for a 0.600" diameter, Type N assembly exhibits VSWR that remains below 1.15:1 for a frequency range through 6 GHz. EAM’s LMR cable assemblies also offer high power handling capability through 6 GHz, and are available with outside diameters ranging from 0.100" through 0.600". EAM’s LMR cable assemblies also exhibit low insertion loss, with typical performance of 11 dB per 100 ft. at 6 GHz for a cable assembly with 0.405" outer diameter. The 50 ohm LMR cable assemblies provide performance comparable to corrugated copper cables, while still offering the flexibility needed to simplify installation. They also exhibit lower loss and superior shielding effectiveness than similar size RG type braided cables.

Electronic Assembly Manufacturing Inc.
Methuen, MA
(978) 374-6840


RS No. 217

Frequency Synthesizer

EM Research introduces the UPN-10000, a surface-mount synthesizer operating (fixed or programmable) frequency ranges to 10 GHz with bandwidths up to 30 percent. The synthesizer features an external or (optional) internal reference, and operates over the temperature range of -30° to +70°C (optionally -40° to +85°C). The unit features output power from +7 dBm, low harmonics (<-20 dBc, typical) and low phase noise (<-80 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz, typical – Fout = 10 GHz). The synthesizer operates on a supply voltage at +5 V at 170 mA, typical. Housed in a small surface-mount package (0.9" × 0.9" × 0.15"), the UPN-10000 is ideal for military applications requiring a robust surface-mount design with exceptional performance. The upgraded commercial PN/UPN Series helps to lower overall cost and enhance system performance for CATV infrastructure, optical receivers, fiber optics, and other commercial and military wireless networks.

EM Research Inc.
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411


RS No. 218

Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers

The HMC263LP4E and the HMC566LP4E are GaAs PHEMT MMIC low noise amplifiers that are rated from 24 to 36 GHz and 28 to 36 GHz, respectively. These LNAs have been designed to provide noise figure as low as 2.2 dB with up to 21 dB of small-signal gain, and +24 dBm output IP3 from a single supply of +3/+5 V. The HMC263LP4E and the HMC566LP4E also exhibit high dynamic range and excellent input and output return losses, making them ideal for millimeter-wave system receivers. Ideal for high capacity microwave radios or VSAT applications, the HMC753LP4E is a GaAs HEMT MMIC LNA that operates from 1 to 11 GHz, providing up to 16.5 dB of small-signal gain, 1.5 dB noise figure and output IP3 of +30 dBm.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343


RS No. 219

Directional Coupler

Krytar models 100404010 and 100404020 are directional couplers that operate in a frequency range from 0.4 to 4 GHz. These couplers feature coupling (with respect to output) of 10 ± 0.5 dB, 20 ± 0.8 dB and frequency sensitivity of ± 0.5 dB. The models offer directivity of > 16 dB or > 25 dB, maximum VSWR (any port) of 1.2, insertion loss of < 1.1 dB or < 0.75 dB, maximum power rating (input) of 20 W average, 3 KW peak and SMA female standard connectors. The couplers operate in a temperature range from -54° to +85°C. Delivery: stock to 30 days. Unit may be manufactured to meet military specifications.

Sunnyvale, CA
(877) 734-5999


RS No. 220

Band Reject Filter

Lorch model 18BRX-1350/X700-NM/N is a band reject filter with specifications of 70 dB from 1200 to 1570 MHz. Insertion loss is 1.2 dB from 20 to 1000 MHz and 1.5 dB from 1800 to 2500 MHz. The VSWR is 1.5:1 over this range also. Power handling is 100 W and package size is 2.5" × 1.0" × 1.0" with an operating temperature of -40° to +65°C.

Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100


RS No. 221

Dual-junction Isolator

M2 Global Technology Ltd. announces two drop-in isolators for the 921 to 960 MHz and 1805 to 1880 MHz bands. These isolators offer 55 dB isolation over the whole frequency band, allowing OEM manufacturers to specify a single device for double isolation. For both isolators, insertion loss is better than –0.5 dB, and the VSWR is less than 1.14:1 over the operating temperature range of 0° to +85°C. These dual-junction devices are also available in many other frequency ranges.

M2 Global Technology Ltd.
San Antonio, TX
(210) 561-4800


RS No. 222

Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier

Model SDLVA-61F-80-5829387-004 Options TBRK, MS is a matched set of successive detection log video amplifiers (SDLVA) in a compact stacked configuration. This unit operates over 61.25 MHz ± 250 KHz with a transfer function of E – 22.5 PIN+ 200, where PIN is the input power in dB above -80 dBm and E = output voltage in millivolts. The unit has been designed so that both modules share a common power terminal.

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.
Frederick, MD
(301) 631-1579


RS No. 223


40 GHz Attenuator

Aeroflex/Inmet releases the next generation of 40 GHz, 2.92 mm attenuators with extended power handling capability of a minimum of 2 W average power. The new offering compliments the current 0.5 W attenuator family providing an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Designed for use in both the test and measurement market as well as OEM systems, these high quality attenuators offer an alternative to other “scientific grade” products on the market. Standard dB values include 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB while many non-standard designs are available on request.

Aeroflex/Inmet Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 426-5553


RS No. 224

Cavity Bandpass Filter

The model AB2436B480 is a ruggedized, weatherproof cavity bandpass filter for outdoor IEEE-802.11b/g WiFi installations that offers excellent harmonic rejection, handles up to 50 W of RF input power and is extremely selective. The eight section cavity bandpass filter has a center frequency of 2436.5 MHz, 3 dB bandwidth of 70 MHz, typical insertion loss of 0.9 dB, return loss of 18 dB minimum, harmonic rejection greater than 80 dB and handles 50 W of RF input power. The AB2436B480 has an operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C and measures 4.8" × 2.8" × 1.2".

Anatech Electronics
Garfield, NJ
(201) 772-4242


RS No. 225

Quick-Fit Connectors

The SMART Quick-Fit compact connectors for 7/8" corrugated cables follow the proven SQF design. New features include one-piece assembly and extended compatibility with all important cables on the market. There is back compatibility with old cables and the ability to fit the latest 7/8" low attenuation cables. There are also aluminum versions and features to make life easier for customers regarding logistics and the final job of feeder cable termination.

Herisau, Switzerland
+41 71 353 41 11


RS No. 226

50 W Loads

MECA offers medium power, 50 ohm loads efficiently designed for high performance, cost-effective solutions. Rated for 15 W average power (2 kW peak) with VSWR of 1:10:1 to 2 GHz, 1.20:1 to 6 GHz and 1.30:1 to 12 GHz. Available from stock in Type-N, SMA, BNC and TNC connector styles (male/female). Made in the USA with a 36-month warranty.

MECA Electronics Inc.
Denville, NJ
(866) 444-6322


RS No. 227

Power Splitter/Combiner

The ZAPD-2DC+ two-way power splitter/combiner offers excellent RF performance in a small package. The DC pass through feeds DC on the coaxial center conductor from Port 1 to the Sum to support remote amplifier power. Built in a rugged shielded case, the ZAPD-2DC+ is available with three connector options: BNC, SMA and N-Type. This power splitter/combiner offers L-band coverage in a frequency range from 950 to 2150 MHz and low insertion loss of 0.25 dB typical. The ZAPD-2DC+ is well suited for tower-mounted amplifiers, GPS and satellite distribution or any other application where a high performance splitter with DC pass through is required.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500


RS No. 228

Tunable Cavity Filters

NIC introduces its tunable cavity filters designed for TACAN/DME ground receivers. Extremely low insertion loss is obtained using silver plated coaxial cavity and the tuning screw is self-locked using Posi-Torque Bushing, which ensures precise and stable frequency tuning. Single and multi-pole designs are available depending on the rejection requirement. Custom designs are available. Features include: Precise and stable frequency tuning; low insertion loss; and narrow bandwidth.

Networks International Corp.
Overland Park, KS
(913) 685-3400


RS No. 229

High Power Hybrid

Response Microwave announced the availability of its new application specific 3 dB, 90° quadrature hybrid for use in high-power telecom distribution applications. The new unit operates between 800 to 2400 MHz. Electrical performance offers typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB, isolation of 23 dB minimum, VSWR of 1.22:1 maximum and coupling of 30.5 dB. Average power handling is 200 W. Unit is available with type N female connectors standard and alternate interfaces available upon request. The package size is 5.6" × 1.54" × 1.02", plus connectors.

Response Microwave Inc.
Devens, MA
(508) 231-8787


RS No. 230

Active Divider

RFHIC Corp. released three- and four-way active dividers for Digital TV and Set top box applications. AD311 is a low cost SMD type three-way active divider for LCD TV, PDP TV, CATV Set top box, or GE-PON applications. Most of the TV system and set top box systems for CATV, Cable modem, Digital TV, Analog TV applications that use multiple tuners will need RF power splitters to divide the RF signal efficiently before the tuner. AD311 covers 45 to 1000 MHz, with 8 dB gain, and offers good gain flatness and noise figure, great VSWR and linearity.

Suwon, Korea


RS No. 231

Coaxial to Waveguide Adapters

RLC Electronics now offers coaxial to waveguide adapters in a variety of configurations for your specific application. Option A is broadband adapters that offer excellent electrical specs and are maintained over the entire adapter bandwidth. Option B offers enhanced performance over a specific band of the adapters’ bandwidth. Computer design and the latest in RF techniques coupled with precision assembly ensure optimal electrical performance in the recommended frequency ranges.

RLC Electronics Inc.
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334


RS No. 232


GaN Amplifier

Aethercomm model SSPA 0.869-0960-56 is a high power, Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier that operates from 869 to 960 MHz minimum and is packaged in a compact, high performance package. This amplifier is designed for operation in harsh environments. Typical output power is 50 W across the band at P3dB. Small- signal gain is 55 to 56 dB across the band typically. Power added efficiency in saturation is typically 40 to 50 percent across the band. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. This unit is equipped with DC switching circuitry that enables and disables the RF devices inside the amplifier in 2000 nSec typical for turn on and 5000 nSec typical for turn off time.

Aethercomm Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 208-6002


RS No. 233

120 W Solid-state Amplifier

AR has introduced a new solid-state microwave amplifier, model 120S1G4, that covers 0.8 to 4.2 GHz and has a power output of 120 W. This amplifier employs a new design that delivers more than twice the power of older models. The new, more efficient design consumes less power and incorporates both USB and Ethernet interfaces in addition to the standard IEEE and RS-232 interfaces. With these improvements, AR has maintained the superior rugged design for load tolerance and excellent linearity.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181


RS No. 234

Power Amplifier

The model AmpLin-PA-50-1 is a 100 W, 2.45 GHz power amplifier. The favourably priced AmpLin-PA-50-1 is an AB class 50 Ohm amplifier within the nominal frequency range of 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. It will support CW, modulated or pulsed input signal schemes into a load of any VSWR. With modulated signals like 64-QAM at 2.45 GHz the amplifier demonstrates good ACPR performance with 51 dBc at 35 W of linear power. Features include: RF output power > 50 dBm, RF input power < 10 dBm, reverse power protection with isolator, input RL > 20 dB and output RL > 26 dB, and compact case design.

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH
Stolberg, Germany
+49 2402/9749764


RS No. 235

Detector Log Video Amplifier

MITEQ Inc. introduces a new addition to its family of Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA). The FBLA-2/6-50 ultra-broadband unit, which operates in the 2 to 6 GHz range, is a low noise, high dynamic range amplifier that utilizes improved sensitivity. The Kovar housing is hermetically-sealed and also fully EMI shielded. Total weight is approximately 20 grams and dimensions are 1.63" × 1.25" × 1.5" without SMA connectors. Featuring fast rise time and a logarithmic linearity of ±1 dB maximum at center frequency at 25°C. Dynamic range is 50 dB and with the addition of a MITEQ LNA, the input power level can be extended down to -70 dBm.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400


RS No. 236

High Power Pallet Amplifier

The PP88-108-1500 is a high power Class AB Pallet Amplifier providing 1500 W CW power output. Featuring the latest generation of LDMOS transistors, the PP88-108-1500 provides the most CW FM power available anywhere in the world today. Thermal tracking bias allows the PP88-108-1500 to operate Class AB providing 1500 W PEP with typical two-tone IMDs of -30 dB, making it an excellent choice for the Digital FM market.

Power Module Technology Inc.
Carson City, NV
(775) 883-1122


RS No. 237


Broadband Horn Antennas

Cobham Sensor Systems’ H-1734 series broadband linear horn antennas provide superior performance for use in a wide variety of laboratory, commercial and military applications. With excellent input VSWR over the 0.5 to 6 GHz band, these antennas provide high gain across the frequency range and consistent pattern performance. They have become a laboratory standard as a reference horn in anechoic chambers and outdoor ranges. The H-1734 is available with a N-female connector.

Cobham Sensor Systems
Lansdale, PA
(215) 996-2416


RS No. 238


Antenna Grade Laminates

RO4730™ LoPro™ laminates are designed for base station, RFID and other antenna designs. RO4730 LoPro laminate materials combine low-loss dielectric with low-profile copper foil for reduced passive intermodulation (PIM) and low insertion loss. The specially formulated RO4730 LoPro thermoset resin system incorporates a hollow microsphere filler to achieve a low weight, light density laminate, which is approximately 30 percent lighter weight than woven-glass PTFE materials. RO4730 LoPro laminates have a matched dielectric constant of 3.0, providing a lower cost solution for high frequency circuit boards used in base station and other antennas.

Rogers Corp.
Chandler, AZ
(480) 961-1382


RS No. 239


Design Software

Version 2009 of AWR’s Microwave Office design suite is the latest release of AWR’s flagship product. It features new MRHB technology that dramatically increases the speed and reduces the computer memory required to perform steady-state analysis of complex nonlinear systems with multiple signal sources. Microwave Office Version 2009 includes a wide array of new features as well, including: expanded support for Open Access (OA) Process Design Kits (PDK), constant output power simulation, enhanced load-pull analysis, behavioral model support for Mesuro’s active load-pull system, and customizable project tree that can reconfigure nodes to allow better organization of large projects supporting hundreds of schematics and graphs.

El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000


RS No. 240

TETRA Testing Software

This latest release of the Lector test automation software adds support for TETRA radio testing. The same software used to simplify GSM, WCDMA and CDMA2000 handset testing now provides TETRA terminal testing with just a few mouse clicks. Lector speeds up testing in repair centers as technicians can run tests on several test stations simultaneously from one PC. Results are reproducible and traceable and the software can also automate daily testing of TETRA terminals for emergency first responders.

Willtek Communications GmbH
Ismaning, Germany
+49 (0) 99641 200


RS No. 241


Solid-state Power Supply Modulator

Customers using the solid-state power supply modulator for radar systems have been extremely satisfied with the performance of the company’s systems in various bands and power levels. The latest advances in power electronics and computer software has enabled Pulse Systems (PSI) to design a new generation of transmitters for the radar industry. One of the most important parameters of the system is the regulation of the transmitted pulse energy that affects the Doppler quality of the radar system. Power supply tight regulation and modulator stability is of the utmost importance in order for the systems to offer reasonable data in terms of the speed of moving storms and of rain precipitation. PSI has been deeply involved in dual polarization systems in all C-, X-, and S-band for more weather detail information demanded by radar users.

Pulse Systems Inc. (PSI)
Canton, MA
(781) 828-1142


RS No. 242

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model CRO3562A-LF is an RoHS compliant voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) in S-band. The CRO3562A-LF operates in a frequency range from 3560 to 3564 MHz with a tuning voltage range of 1.5 to 4.5 VDC. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -112 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and a typical tuning sensitivity of 8 MHz/V. The CRO3562A-LF is designed to deliver a typical output power of 3.5 dBm at 5 VDC supply while drawing 17 mA (typical) over the temperature range of -40° to 85°C. This VCO features typical second harmonic suppression of -35 dBc and comes in Z-Comm’s standard MINI-16-SM package measuring 0.5" × 0.5" × 0.22".

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700


RS No. 243

Test Equipment

Test Software

Anritsu Co. introduces software packages that address the emerging 3GPP LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology. The three packages, for use with Anritsu’s MG3700A Vector Signal Generator and MS269xA Signal Analyzer Series, expand Anritsu’s LTE test portfolio to include solutions that can accurately measure devices, chipsets and equipment designed for either LTE TDD or LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) mode. The MX370110A LTE TDD IQproducer creates 3GPP LTE TDD waveform patterns on a computer for use with MG3700A Vector Signal Generator. The MX269910A LTE TDD IQproducer and MX269022A LTE TDD Downlink measurement packages allow a single MS269xA Signal Analyzer to conduct cost-effective evaluations of both transmitter and receiver characteristics of LTE TDD signals.

Anritsu Co.
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 778-2000


RS No. 244

Reverse Recovery Tester

The AVR-CD1-B is a high performance, GPIB and RS232-equipped instrument intended for reverse recovery time testing of diodes and other semiconductor devices. The AVR-CD1-B applies a forward bias pulse of +0.1 to +10 A to a device under test (DUT). At the end of that pulse, the current ramps downward at an adjustable rate of 100 to 200 A/µs until the diode stops conducting. The current waveforms generated by this instrument are suitable for MILSTD-750E Method 4031.4 Test Condition D tests. Standard and customized jigs for different device packages are available.

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(888) 670-8729


RS No. 245

EMI Test Receiver

The R&S ESCI7 CISPR 16-1-1 compliant EMI test receiver for the 9 kHz to 7 GHz frequency range meets the requirements of the current edition of the CISPR 22/EN 55022 standard for information technology equipment, which will be valid from 2010. Thanks to an integrated spectrum analyzer, the test receiver can perform standard measurements typically encountered in RF development labs. The receiver can measure phase noise, occupied bandwidth and adjacent channel power, for example, or determine the third-order intercept point. The R&S ESCI7 features a low displayed average noise level (typically -153 dBm at 1 GHz and 10 Hz bandwidth) and a wide dynamic range (1 dB compression point of +5 dBm).

Rohde & Schwarz
Munich, Germany
+49 89 4129 13774


RS No. 246

SR1 Dual-domain Audio Analyzer

The SR1 audio analyzer offers high performance such as -110dBTHD + N, ±0.008 dB flatness and 24-bit/192 kHz digital audio. It is the ideal analyzer for analog audio, digital audio and cross-domain audio signal analysis. Measurements include level, THD+N, harmonic distortion, IMD, FFT, frequency response, multi-tone, crosstalk, histogram, jitter amplitude and spectrum. Options include a digital audio carrier digitizer with eye-diagrams and carrier spectra, multi-channel I/O switchers, and an atomic rubidium system clock. Price: $6,900.

Stanford Research Systems Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 744-9040


RS No. 247