Rogers Corp. will highlight some of its latest material advances at the upcoming Productronica in Munich, Germany, November 10-13, 2009, a major international trade fair for innovations in electronics production.

Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division will display many of its recent innovations in materials for low-cost, high-volume production lines. These materials include RO4730™/RO3730™ antenna grade laminates, RO4360™ 6.15 Dk laminates, and RT/duroid® 5880LZ advanced materials.

Visitors to the Rogers booth (Hall B2, stand 401) at the 18th International Productronica can learn more about low-cost, RoHS-compliant Theta™ halogen-free circuit materials. Benefits of Theta laminates include low loss, impressive electrical, mechanical and thermal stability, and low-z-axis CTE for reliable plated-through-hole (PTH) connections in multilayer board constructions. The Theta materials also meet UL-94-V-0 level flammability requirements.

Rogers will also feature the company’s two new antenna grade materials. RO4730 laminates offer excellent performance and process with the ease of FR-4 materials. These laminates are offered at great prices. RO4730 laminates incorporate a unique filler for 30 percent lighter weight than glass-reinforced PTFE materials. For designs requiring superior performance, RO3730 laminates achieve a lower dissipation factor than competitive PTFE materials (0.0013 at 2.5 GHz) while also boasting excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance of typically less than -154 dBc, all at a competitive price.

Rogers will also showcase its RO4000® LoPro™ circuit laminates for high-speed digital and high-frequency analog applications. These laminates combine a low-profile copper foil and low-loss dielectric material for low insertion loss, low PIM and excellent signal integrity for electrically demanding applications. RO4360 laminates are a high Dk (6.15) material extension based on RO4350™ laminates. Like RO4350B laminates, RO4360 laminates have the same industry leading thermal-mechanical performance combined with FR-4 process compatibility. In addition, Rogers will display its RT/duroid 5880LZ very low-density (1.37 gm/cm3) filled PTFE composite material with extremely low dielectric constant (1.96) for the most demanding high-frequency performance requirements, and applications such as satellites and aerial vehicles.