Andrew Corp., a global leader in communications systems and products, has introduced a new transportable earth station antenna for military and commercial broadcast use that will operate on virtually any geostationary satellite system. The Andrew 3.9 Meter Trifold™Transportable Earth Station Antenna is a versatile antenna, with quad-band operation and auto acquisition control systems that make it capable of C-, Ku- Ka- and X-Band applications in support of users such as military units, news operations and disaster relief agencies.

"The new Andrew 3.9 meter transportable antennas are rugged and designed for quick deployment in the toughest of conditions," said Jude Panetta, group president, Satellite Communications, Andrew Corp. "Its versatility, superior capabilities and low cost make it one of the best values available to customers today."

The new antennas are the latest in a proven line of Andrew transportable antennas that have a track record of more than 200 systems sold, delivered and in operation around the world.

"Globecomm Systems has been a major customer for the new Andrew 3.9 M Trifold, which we've deployed on behalf of a global multilateral program," said Dave Hershberg, chairman and chief executive officer, Globecomm Systems Inc. "We've found that these antennas are very dependable and easy to deploy and redeploy. The radio frequency performance is exceptional."

Andrew’s Satellite Communications Group provides a complete line of antennas from 43 centimeters to 9.4 meters for all enterprise, government and consumer satellite communication applications. Andrew-designed and -built products—which cover C- Ku- K- X- and the emerging Ka-band—include type approved earth station antenna hubs and gateways for broadband and broadcast, VSAT broadband antennas for consumer and enterprise customers, DBS antennas for home satellite broadcast systems, and complete installation and testing services.