Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services Group) has launched a new series of 0603-size ceramic inductors, targeting the aerospace and military markets. These robust components are manufactured to meet the special requirements of these demanding applications.

The Coilcraft CPS ML Series offers higher inductance values than other 0603 inductors, keeping board space to a minimum. Inductance values range from 47 nH to 22 μH. Q ratings are as high as 50 at 250 MHz with Self Resonant Frequencies as high as 16 GHz. Ceramic construction provides high current handling, while a high-temperature encapsulant allows operation in ambient temperatures from -55° to 155°C. MTBF is 1 billion hours.

ML Series inductors are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure their suitability for mission-critical applications and for use in adverse environmental conditions. COTS Plus, tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations are featured for long-term reliability. Additionally, components can be certified to meet specific customer requirements.

The ML Series is available with 30 day delivery.