Roman banquets are part of the city’s history, and good food and drink played their part in the success of the Elettronica Spa sponsored EuMW Welcome Reception, which has become established as a convivial way of bringing together delegates to the Week’s four conferences and the exhibitors from the European Microwave Exhibition, giving them the rare opportunity to meet, interact and network.

The reception began with three speeches from the 2009 EuMW Conference Chairman, Paolo Lampariello, his successor for Paris in 2010, Gilles Dambrine and Elettronica’s Chief Operating Officer, Gabriele Gambarara.

Lampariello began by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their attendance and shared his hopes for a successful evening. In his address, Dambrine invited all those present to reconvene in almost exactly a year’s time in the CNIT Centre in Paris, a venue with good links to the airport and the famous sights and landmarks of the French Capital.

In welcoming all those assembled, Gambarara said, “Elettronica is very pleased to host this reception and to welcome you to Rome. As a Roman company we are very pleased that the city is playing host, for the first time, to this important cultural and industrial event and we hope that Rome will have other opportunities to do so in the future. We are here with our engineers, not just as vendors but also as a customer of the very important technologies that are being presented at European Microwave Week 2009. This is important and I hope that tonight and the rest of the week will be enjoyable in this pleasant city.”