NMDG announced that accurate nonlinear behavioural simulation of active components based upon its S-functions (NMDG-S functions) is being demonstrated in AWR® Microwave Office® at European Microwave Week.

As a natural extension of S-parameters for nonlinear components, S-functions simplify and accelerate the design process of nonlinear components by providing more complete system-level models, enabling the prediction of harmonic and modulation behaviour under different mismatch conditions. As with S-parameters, S-functions can be cascaded to predict nonlinear behaviour of circuits and systems.

These S-functions are easily determined with the modelling option of the NMDG VNAPlus extension kits. These kits extend various commercially available network analysers using additional hardware and software to characterise and model the nonlinear behaviour of HF components. The characterization is done in the time domain and the frequency domain under real life conditions, even in a non-50 Ohm environment.

With minimal effort and time, a behavioural model for transistor, amplifier, prescaler, mixer, etc. can be created and verified using an extended network analyser. Microwave Office® from AWR® can import this behavioural model to directly design larger circuits using the measured data or to provide more detailed data sheets.