AWR Corp., a leader in high frequency EDA, and Modelithics Inc., a premier provider of precision measurements and models for RF and microwave design simulation, announced that a one-click option enabled on the AWR web site for trial evaluation requests for AWR’s Microwave Office® software now also includes Modelithics’ highly accurate active and passive model libraries.

This cooperative partnering gives microwave designers the opportunity to use Modelithics’ active and passive simulation models on a trial basis and see how they can impact their designs from within AWR’s Microwave Office design environment. The Modelithics libraries are available for a growing number of components and ICs from various manufacturers, ranging from passive components to nonlinear diode and transistor models, and shortly, system-level components.

“Coordinating trials for our customers just makes sense as the evaluation process becomes easier and faster for the customer,” said Sherry Hess, Vice President of Marketing at AWR.

“Our model libraries are a great complement to AWR’s software as they help designers generate even more accurate circuits,” said Larry Dunleavy, CEO of Modelithics. “Designers evaluate our complete offering during the trial, and if budgets are tight, pursue our flexible purchase or lease arrangement in order to access only the models needed for the next design and then expand later on.”