Amp’ed RF Inc. introduces the BT-11 Bluetooth OEM Module. The added class 1 power, +18 dBm, of the BT-11, gives this module one of the best ranges in the industry. It’s completely pin compatible with the lower power BT-21, and offers a second power choice on the same design.

The BT-11 module includes 16 general-purpose input/output lines, several serial interface options, analog-to-digital inputs and up to 2M bps data throughput.

The BT-11 is a surface-mount PCB module that provides fully embedded, ready to use Bluetooth wireless technology. The reprogrammable flash memory contains embedded firmware for serial cable replacement using the Bluetooth SPP profile. Other popular Bluetooth profiles, such as OBEX, are also available.

Customized firmware for peripheral device interaction, power optimization, security and other proprietary features may be supported, and can be ordered pre-loaded and configured.