Keithley Instruments Inc., a leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, announced that it has upgraded its popular RF Vector Signal Analyzer line with new capabilities that reduce signal acquisition and measurement times. The new Model 2820A RF Vector Signal Analyzer, which provides a 40 MHz signal acquisition bandwidth with a frequency range of either 400 MHz to 4GHz or 400 MHz to 6GHz, builds on the capabilities of Keithley’s Series 2800 signal analyzer line. It expands the line’s applications for testing wireless devices to today’s high throughput, complex modulation and wide bandwidth wireless telecom standards. To learn more about Keithley's Model 2820A, visit

In addition to the existing demodulation and signal analysis options for GSM, EDGE, EDGE Evolution, WCDMA, HSDPA, cdma2000, WLAN and WiMAX transmissions, the Model 2820A can now analyze 3GPP Release 7, HSPA+ signals with a new optional personality. Each preconfigured personality provides a robust set of measurements, instrument settings and test limits customized for the various standards. These personalities save configuration time and minimize the potential for operator error.