“Antennas for Mobile Devices: New Technologies, New Opportunities,” from the Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Component market research service, explores new antenna technologies and the companies helping to avert an impending crisis in cellphone antennas.

Christopher Taylor, Director of the RF and Wireless Components service and author of the report, stated, “Future cellular devices will have to handle seven or more primary cellular bands, diversity antennas, and three or more bands for connectivity peripherals, placing difficult performance demands on cellular antennas—among these, the need for several small antennas placed in close proximity to each other and the users’ head and hand. Device makers hope to avert an antenna crisis by teaming with antenna specialists, such as Laird, Tyco, Pulse, Ethertronics and Skycross, to make use of new antenna technologies that will include tunable and active antennas. If successful, these technologies and companies will help propel the market for antennas for wireless mobile devices to more than five billion units in 2014.”

Asif Anwar, Director of the GaAs and High Speed Semiconductor service, added, “As outlined in the report, the new antenna technologies will add a new dimension to the cellular RF front business, affecting power amp, switch-module, filter and chipset suppliers, as well as the way OEMs do business.”