Rogers Corp., a supplier of high-frequency laminates for circuit boards in amplifiers, microwave radios, base-station antennas, and routers and switches, showcases a number of its high-performance and low-cost laminate materials for commercial and military applications at the upcoming PCB West 2009 this September 15-16 in Santa Clara, CA (Booth #36) and at the IPC Midwest 2009 Show this September 23-24 in Schaumburg, IL (Booth #502).

At both shows, Rogers will provide examples of its many innovative printed-circuit laminate materials, including its low-cost RO4730™ LoPro™ antenna-grade material. Benefits of this laminate include a dielectric constant of 3.0, compatibility with conventional FR-4 and high-temperature lead-free solder processing, and a lightweight composition (30 percent lighter than glass-filled PTFE laminates). Visitors to either show can also learn about Rogers RO3730 ceramic-filled laminates. These high-performance laminates are engineered for antenna designers as a cost-effective PTFE-based laminate alternative. The RO3730 materials are reinforced by woven glass for excellent electric performance and outstanding structural stability, with low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for repeatable plated-through-hole (PTH) fabrication. The RO3730 laminates feature low passive intermodulation (PIM) performance and a dielectric constant of 3.0, making them ideal for use in 3G and 4G cellular base stations.

For applications where high performance is a prime consideration, visitors to both shows can also examine Rogers RT/duroid® 5880LZ laminate materials, with the industry’s lowest available dielectric constant of 1.96 ± 0.04 at 10 GHz. Fabricated with a unique filler material, these light-weight PTFE composites feature low dissipation factor (typically 0.0019 at 10 GHz) and low Z-axis CTE for superior PTH reliability. They exhibit consistent panel-to-panel dielectric constant and are easily cut, sheared, and machined in support of low-cost manufacturing processes.

Finally, Rogers will feature its RO4000® and Theta™ materials. The RO4000 laminates offer uniform dielectric constant across each sheet, with low dissipation losses, low CTE, and excellent dimensional stability. Halogen-free Theta materials offer the low insertion loss and outstanding thermal characteristics needed for superior mechanical and electrical performance in multilayer circuits. With a dielectric constant of 4.01 at 10 GHz and a low dissipation factor, (0.0118 at 10 GHz) the environmentally friendly Theta circuit materials are available in a wide range of laminate and prepreg thickness options.