The High Performance Foams (HPF) Division of Rogers Corp. has announced the global introduction of a new acoustic sound barrier material for demanding aircraft applications.

The new BISCO® A2 Sound Barrier has been designed to meet challenging aircraft standards for flammability, smoke density and toxicity, and is already approved to the Airbus ABS5708 material specification. BISCO A2 is used to block the transmission of sound and demonstrates excellent performance in low frequency noise reduction.

An engineered solid silicone rubber, BISCO A2 provides excellent transmission loss performance in extreme environments while maintaining physical properties. BISCO A2 provides good temperature stability (-50 to +180°C), outstanding flame resistance and low moisture absorption.

Innovative filler technology allows the A2 material to pass the aircraft radiant panel flame test FAR25.856 (a) from aeral densities of 1.2 kg/m2 to 8.2 kg/m2 (0.25 lbs/ft2 to 1.68 lbs/ft2). Also appropriate for use in railcars, the BISCO A2 sound barrier is an extremely safe choice for acoustic insulation applications where extreme flame resistance is required.

BISCO A2 is available in a light gray color in a standard width of 1000 mm in roll lengths of 5 and 10 m. Samples available upon request.