AWR, a leader in high frequency electronic design automation (EDA), announced it has added a broad array of content related to electromagnetics (EM) to AWR.TV, its comprehensive multimedia Web resource for technical and product information. The site has also been enhanced to make it easier for viewers to find information on specific topics, along with a host of other new features that dramatically improve the user experience.

AWR.TV, which AWR launched in January, is designed to be a “one-stop” resource for product information, tutorial presentations and application-specific discussions about EDA topics and AWR products. AWR has now added a new category for EM that features tutorial video presentations on transmission lines, interactive solvers, EM models, solver types, and a two-part series on ports.

The EM material can be found on the new AWR.TV "Applications" channel under "Electromagnetic" and is presented by John Dunn, a recognized expert in EM modeling and simulation for high frequency and high speed circuit applications. Dunn is a Senior Applications Engineer at AWR and develops and presents AWR training material to customers worldwide. Before joining AWR, he was head of the interconnect modeling group at Tektronix and a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he led a research group in EM simulation and modeling. Dunn received his MS and PhD degrees in applied physics from Harvard University and is a Senior Member of IEEE.

Other enhancements to AWR.TV include applications tracks for MMICs, printed circuit boards, and signal integrity, the option to download all material as iPod and iPhone-compatible podcasts, the ability to search through all content on the site, an RSS feed that allows subscribers to receive immediate notification of new material added by AWR, and a single-click rating system for providing feedback on the site’s presentations. In addition to the new Applications channel, the content within the existing Product channel has also grown substantially since AWR.TV’s inception, and includes additions to Microwave Office®, Analog Office®, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), APLAC®, and AXIEM™ software, as well as new interviews with AWR executives and AWR Alliance Partner firms.