Rogers Corp., a supplier of high frequency laminates, will highlight its new RO4730™ LoPro™ antenna grade laminates at the Antenna Systems Conference, September 1st and 2nd in Philadelphia, PA (Booth #10).

RO4730 LoPro RoHS-compliant laminates are compatible with standard PCB fabrication techniques and plated-through-hole (PTH) processing. Designed for base station and other RFID antennas, these proprietary, halogen-free laminates support longer drill tool lifetimes than other filled materials, reducing fabrication costs. In addition to the new RO4730 LoPro laminates, Rogers will soon be adding a very competitively priced, low-loss PTFE antenna grade laminate to its product mix.

Rogers' other well known commercial grade materials for high performance applications will also be on display:

• RO3000® Laminates: Durable PTFE-based circuit laminates with consistent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. These laminates feature low dielectric loss for high frequency applications; stable Dk versus frequency and temperature and are ideal for multi-layer boards.

• RO4000® Laminates: Offering outstanding value for high-frequency applications, these laminates deliver uniform dielectric constant across each sheet, with low dissipation losses, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and excellent dimensional stability. RO4000's low dielectric loss tangent helps deliver high-performance antenna designs reliably and consistently.