Liam Devlin, Drector of RF integration at Plextek, the electronics and communications design consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, will be hosting a workshop at the 22nd IEEE System on Chip Conference, 9 to 11 September, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The workshop, which takes place on the Thursday, is titled Microwave IC Design for Broadband Receivers.

The workshop will focus on broadband ICs used in applications such as defense, instrumentation and communications. It will look at the design, realization and measured performance of five different MMICs developed for broadband receiver applications. The five MMICs described are: A 0.5 to 20 GHz dual channel limiter; a 2 to 18 GHz dual channel low noise amplifier; a DC to 20 GHz dual channel single pole double throw switch; a 2 to 18 GHz upconverter; and a companion downconverter. The MMICs can be used to implement a compact, dual channel 2 to 18 GHz receiver.

“This is the first time that the IEEE SoC conference has been held in Europe and showcases the international stature of the event,” said Devlin. “Plextek boasts an impressive level of expertise with a wide range of microwave design technologies, and hopefully we can share some of this information through the workshop.”

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