Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar; Second Edition

Phillip E. Pace

This comprehensive book presents Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) radar design essentials, including ambiguity analysis of LPI waveforms, FMCW radar, and phase-shift and frequency-shift keying techniques. Moreover, it details new OTHR modulation schemes, noise radar and spatial multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The book explores autonomous nonlinear classification signal processing algorithms for identifying LPI modulations. It also demonstrates four intercept receiver signal processing techniques for LPI radar detection that help to determine which time-frequency, bi-frequency technique best suits any LPI modulation of interest. A CD-ROM is included.

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Communication Satellite Antennas

Robert Dybdal

This book discusses antenna technology for communication satellites, addressing both the space and user segments. It provides a system view of antenna applications, a description of various antenna technologies and guidance on methodologies for antenna evaluation. It begins with an overview of the parameters that characterize antennas, and goes on to cover the antenna designs, technologies and system architectures required for communication satellite systems. Techniques to mitigate interference are covered, and the processes used in the development and characterization of antenna systems are reviewed.

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Security of Information and Communication Networks

Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos

Information and communications security is a hot topic in private industry as well as in government agencies. This book provides a complete conceptual treatment of securing information and transporting it over a secure network in a manner that does not require a strong mathematical background. It stresses why information security is important, what is being done about it, how it applies to networks, and an overview of its key issues. It is written for anyone who needs to understand these important topics at a conceptual rather than a technical level.

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